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Stomach Pain From Breathing Mold Spores

Stomach pain from breathing mold spores occurs a lot often than people realize.

The issue is that so many people do not realize that breathing in these spores can cause severe health issues to include excruciating abdominal pain.  

At the same time, most people do not realize that mold is what is causing their abdominal pain.  

How To Determine If Mold Is The
Culprit in Your Home?

In order to determine if mold is the culprit, you must look at a few things.

  1. How old is your home? If you have an older home, is your home constantly damp? Think about getting a dehumidifier.  Dampness and air promotes mold and a lot of it. 
  2. Does your own home have central air/heating?  This is so key because you can then at least change your air fiters every couple of months.  Air filters do just that-- filters air.  
  3. Do you have a basement? If so, is your basement always damp? If it is, think about getting a dehumidifier in order to dry up the basement.  
  4. How old are your windows? Older windows promotes dampness.  With dampness comes mold.  
  5. Do you have a lot of trees up against your home?  Trees are beautiful but when they are up against your home, your home does not have the ability to dry completely especially after it rains or snow.  Additionally, the leaves that fall on the roof makes it impossible for your roof to air out.  Mold is on leaves too.  
  6. Are you seeing mold around your windows, in your shower, in the basement, accumulating on your furniture, etc?  If so, you may need to conduct a mold test.  You can either hire a professional or you can first conduct a test by purchasing a mold test kit.  

Symptoms Associated With
Breathing Mold Spores

Symptoms definitely varies for each individual.  For me I am highly allergic to mold and my symptoms consist of:

  • nasal congestion
  • stomach pain
  • blocked ears
  • post nasal drip
  • sinus pressure

All of these symptoms are from the body having an allergic reaction to mold.  

When the body has an allergic reaction, an excess of mucus is then produced in which the body cannot necessarily handle, so steps then need to be taken to rid the mucus out of the body.  

Could You Be Allergic To Mold?

For anyone, breathing in mold spores can be a real detriment to his/her health especially if the mold issue is not remedied and the person continues to breathe it in.  

It is especially a huge issue for people who exhibit an allergy towards mold or any other respiratory issue to include:

  • asthma, 
  • sinus congestion, 
  • skin issues, etc. 

To find out if you have an allergy towards mold, think about going to visit an allergist for allergy testing

Fall Months Can Lead To Stomach
Pain From Breathing Mold Spores

The Fall months are absolutely gorgeous but with Fall comes the falling of all of the beautiful, vibrant colored leaves which is also a  great place for mold to harbor.  

If you live in an area that has a lot of trees, you may be affected from the mold spores floating through the air.  

If you have an allergy towards mold, you are hugely affected.  If you find that your mucus production is through the roof as it was for me, there are certain steps I take to rid my body of it.  

If you always find yourself or your little ones suffering around the Fall months with

it could be due to the mold spores that are polluting the air.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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