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Abdominal Pain Causes--Possibly Due to Excess Mucus in the Body

Abdominal pain causes can be due to numerous conditions so always be sure to consult your physician.  

But one possible cause is from mucus that has built up within your body resulting in to include but not limited to chronic constipation and horrible gas.

My Causes of Stomach Pain

Why So Much Mucus?

Excess mucus can be due to a lot of reasons but one that I know of from experience is because of having an allergy towards something, either a food or seasonal.   

Symptoms of food allergies consist of many things depending on the individual which can be mild to life threatening.  Excessive mucus production is definitely a factor with any type of allergy.  

The allergy can be towards a

  • certain food (s)
  • perfume
  • seasonal
  • household chemical 

I should know since I've experienced it first hand.

I had very excruciating sharp stomach pains because of it.

Stomach Pain Discovery

Stomach pain can be mind boggling to figure out if doctors can't even diagnose and pinpoint the issue, which is what happened to me!!

I would experience very 

bad stomach gas that plagued me and felt as thought it was trapped in my stomach. 

OMG! Horrible, horrible feeling!

Constipation, also one of many symptoms I would experience was the worse feeling ever.

I would have the urge to

  • either pass gas or 
  • go to the bathroom without any success. :(

 I felt horrible and my stomach was always

distended and tender.

But then a bright, bright light at the end of a tunnel!!

After describing my symptoms of my stomach pain to a wonderful nurse, I had finally found the answer, which was abdominal pain causes could actually stem from mucus drainage into my stomach.

OMG!! Really? Can that be. 

Mucus and Stomach Pain

Excess Mucus

Get Mucus Relief Now 

When mucus begins to drip down and accumulate in your stomach while descending further down,

it impedes the movement of your bowels and they stay stagnate until the mucus has

  • either dried up 
  • or until the mucus has been expelled out.

Again, belly pain causes can stem from different things and differs from each individual and you 

should always consult your doctor but if you

and your doctor have exhausted different reasons and your tests have all come back clear, mucus may be part of what is causing your pain.

Abdominal Pain Causes
Feeling Not Fully Relieved?

If you are experiencing:

fullness in your rectal area with accompanied abdominal pain or lower left abdominal pain, one of many symptoms of having backed up mucus but cannot relieve yourself,

or if you have relieved yourself but still do not feel fully relieved, you are probably experiencing mucus overload. That is exactly what happened to me.  Ugh!   The worse feeling!!

Once I started clearing my sinuses with a neti pot on a regular basis and taking action to keep the inflammation at bay, I felt like myself again and I thanked GOD for that!

When  I'm experiencing a bad flare up (normally around the season change) or when I eat somethin, I experience occasional bouts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) because the inflammation takes a toll on my digestive system.  During this time, I've learned to increase my water, greens, honey, and drink ACV in addition to using neti pot and an inflammatory.  Exercise is a must too!! 

Always consult your physician to rule out anything serious.  Here is to healing and getting your happy, healthy stomach back!

Read more about symptoms I've experienced.

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