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Stomach Pain Can Be
Due to Excess Mucus

If you are having an unexplained stomach pain, contact your physician immediately. 

Having an unexplained abdominal pain

can be a very frustrating, miserable thing to go through as it was for me especially if you have been to the doctor on numerous occasions and he/she cannot provide a diagnosis.

If this is the case and you have been having bouts with an upset stomach coupled with constipation, you may be suffering from excess mucus built up in your stomach. 

This is I how I took action to find relief! 

No Real Diagnosis From Physicians

Frustrated Woman

After not getting a satisfied diagnosis from doctors....

I tried to determine why I was having my stomach pain. 

I thought it was due to ibs, indigestion and even a bacterial imbalance but after speaking to a nurse, I discovered it was due to my mucus production. 

Unexplained Pain in Stomach Solved...Yay!

A small amount of mucus built up in your body would not prove to be detrimental to your health compared to large amounts, which is what happens to my son and myself.

How is stomach pain, mucus and blocked ears related?

Well in our case, referring to my son and I, when we have blocked ears, this indicates that mucus is accumulating in our sinuses.  When it continues to accumulate, it continues to block our ears and also continues to drain into our stomachs.  

I was continually suffering from abdominal pain after eating which was due to mucus just sitting stagnant within my stomach, ugh!  

When we use our neti pots, we each have our own, we our able to clear the mucus that at times tend to get "stuck" and cannot be expeled with simply blowing our noses.  Once the mucus gets "unstuck", we blow the mucus out, which pulls the mucus up from our stomachs and which ultimately unblock our ears.  Again, this is in our case not everyone.

Child with Microscope

Let's Make A Comparison---

Let’s compare mucus to snow-a cool analogy I know it seems weird but hear me out. 

If you have a small amount of snow, the small amount would not impede you from say getting out of your driveway.  But if you had a large amount of snow, as though someone continued to plow it in front of your driveway over a couple days, you would have a tremendous amount and would not be able to get out of your driveway. 

The same applies to mucus. 

A small amount is not so bad but a lot can wreck havoc on your health. 

If mucus continues to build up without being cleared, this can cause many problems such as a

  • blocked ear, causing ear infection
  • excruciating stomach cramps, 
  • gas, 
  • while also impeding bowels. 

Why Now, Especially If You've Never Had Stomach Issues?

You are probably wondering why you would have a large amount of mucus in your body, if this something that you never had to deal with before.  

Well, you may be newly allergic to an environmental source such as but not limited to:

  1. pollen, 
  2. dander 
  3. or to a certain type of food 

If you are an adult, many times allergies develop later on in life.  Something that you were not allergic to as a child may be causing you to have allergic reactions now. 

I use to eat almonds but cannot now since I have developed an allergy towards them. 

In my case, these new allergies developed after our second little one due to a hormonal imbalance-Read more about this interesting discovery.  

"My Stomach Hurts Mommy"

If your child is experiencing an unexplained stomach pain, as our son was experiencing, he/she may be producing a large amount of mucus due to having allergic reactions to:

  1. pollen, 
  2. grass and trees
  3.  mold 
  4. or to a certain food  

If you have taken your child to the doctor with no avail and no reasoning for his/her unexplained abdominal pain but with just a suggestion to give miralax for constipation, your child maybe experiencing built up of mucus. 

If your child complains of an upset stomach consisting of but not limited to

  • stomach cramps, 
  • stomach gas 
  • or the feeling of "rocks" in the stomach,

which is what our son complained of, this may be signs of excess mucus that has drained into the stomach.  Also, if your child constantly sucks mucus up instead of blowing it out, this could be causing the mucus to build up as well.  

Be sure to blow his/her nose, is so important and it may help with his/her unexplained stomach pain.

Think About Contacting An Allergist

If your little once constantly has a

  1. runny nose or
  2.  an unexplained reaction,

think about taking your child to see an allergist

In the mean time,

  1. try nasal irrigation methods such as the neti pot and/or the use of a saline spray to help push the mucus out of the sinuses and to finally get mucus relief!
  2. We occasionally use allergy medication such as claritin which helps with reactions that causes the runny nose but we still take action to get the mucus out (neti pot or saline)
  3. I'll use decongestants as well for drying up the mucus. I don't typically give this to the kiddos. .
  4. Throughout the year, we use anti-inflammatory called OPC which has helped us tremendously.  

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I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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