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Stomach Ache Due To Excess Mucus

Stomach ache in kids is something that many parents have to deal with on a regular basis.

Additonally, a reoccuring, abdominal pain in little ones particularly your own can be heart breaking,

especially when you don’t know the reasoning behind their pain.

If your child is experiencing an unexplained stomach ache always consult your little one’s pediatrician.

Stomach Ache in Kids-
Early Signs To Look For  

  • sucking up mucus
  • when you hear your little one cough for the first time

(get the mucus out (saline spray or neti pot)--- the cough will only continue to get worse, leading to a sore throat or even constipation)

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Is Your Child Experiencing Reoccuring Stomach Ache?

Our 6-year-old son started having an excruciating stomach ache, too often, to the point where he would hold himself in the fetal position about two years ago.

It was very hard for my husband and I to see him in that much pain. He would say, “Mommy my belly hurts”.

He would tell me that his stomach pain felt like rocks.

He also said that it felt hard. Of course, I took him to his pediatrician to find out what was going on.

She felt on his stomach and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary besides bloating. She told me to give him miralax every night for a certain amount of days until his bowels were regular again, so her diagnosis for his stomach pain ended up being constipation.

She also told me not to give him any dairy products for a while and that's what we did. However, I must say that our son was extremely disappointed because he couldn’t have his chocolate milk in the morning for a little while but I ensured him it would only be temporary.

Stomach Pain Allergy Related

Since a stomach ache in kids seem to stem mostly from constipation based on me talking to other moms and pediatricians, the diagnosis of his stomach pain had seemed to make sense.

However, I started to realized that at times his stomach ache along with mine would occur almost simultaneously, which was very strange.  I then started thinking that our abdominal pain had a correlation.

Since we both had an allergy towards something, I had figured that it was from that but then I noticed that our allergy tests differed. I then asked a wonderful nurse at our allergist’s office and she told me it was due to the mucus drainage that was occurring.

I had a light bulb moment-it made sense-abdominal pain in children can be due to excess mucus production due to an allergy.

Did You Know Mucus Impedes Bowels?

Our son had stomach pain and would struggle to pass bowels at times and of course we, along with our pediatrician just assumed that it was just constipation, well it was but didn't know where it stemmed from; I knew that it didn't stem from the food he was eating.  

I finally figured out it was from the excess of mucus building up in his body due to an allergy.  Additionally, he was sucking up mucus constantly everyday instead of blowing his nose which was backing up into his stomach, which in returned impeded his bowels and gas from moving.

The obstruction that was causing his abdominal pain was simply mucus. OMG, it made perfect sense!

And the same thing was happening to me. We both had an existing allergy to different things but the effects of the reaction were the same for both of us-an excess of mucus. Ugh!

3 Easy Steps for Mucus Relief to Relieve Abdominal Pain

There are 3 steps I take when our son has stomach pain:

1) I just simply have him blow his nose to rid the mucus.

However, there is normally more mucus within his sinuses that need to be cleared.

2)Afterwards, I help him clear his sinuses with his neti pot (consult package for directions and every member of the family needs to have their own) with Bottled water only, by having him blow the mucus out in the sink.

He dislikes using it but his stomach feels so much better afterwards.

Tips on how to use the neti pot click here.

Or you can try saline spray/drops. They don't work as good for him because they really don't his clear sinuses like the neti pot does.

3)I then have him blow his nose again. At this point, all the icky mucus comes out of his sinuses. Yay!

Stomach Pain and Constipation Relieved

What a relief!

I ask him how he feels and he says so much better mommy and that makes me feel good! He tells me that there is no more stomach pain and that his ears aren’t stopped up anymore, which also means no ear infections and no pink eye.

Thank heavens, having those are absolutely miserable!

Doing these steps allow him to pass bowels without having to strain due to the mucus-no constipation

He use to take an allergy medication such as Claritin every night (doctor's orders) for his allergies but now he takes Might-A-Mins Spectrum with OPC-3 (a vitamin and antioxidant) that has helped with his allergy symptoms tremendously.  I occasionally give him Mucinex to dry up his mucus since neti does a great job in expeling the mucus. 

If your little one, this goes for your teenager too, is constantly sucking mucus up and tends to have an upset stomach, have him/her blow his/her nose-it's so important.  

I realize they dislike it, mine do as well but it makes all of the difference in the world!

Blow Your Little One's Nose

For Infants and Toddlers Use The Aspirator

Abdominal pain in children can be scary, so again always consult your child's pediatrician.

Additionally, a stomach ache due to excess mucus can be prevented and treated by simply having them blow their noses along with the use of a neti pot or saline spray.

I know this can be especially difficult for little ones between the ages of 1-3.

Saline solution is definitely easier for them.

When our 3 year old was 2, I would tell her that I would have to use the syringe to clear her sinuses-she disliked it and then she started letting us blow her nose. It's still a challenge with her to get all of the mucus out but we're still working on it.

Here's to Happy Little Tummies!

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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