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Ear Infection Prevention By Clearing Your Sinuses

Ear infections are no fun! The aching and throbbing of your or your little ones ear or ears…ugh! Oh the pain!

I know first hand about getting and enduring them myself. I also know

how awful it is to see your little one enduring  pain and how much he/she dislikes the oil being dropped into his/her little ear (s) to soothe the ear.

I always had occasional infections of the middle ear growing up,

all the way up to my adult years and never could figure out exactly why I kept getting them until now. I always thought it was because of the cold air getting into my ear (s) or because of swimmer’s ear,

but it is really because of the mucus accumulating in my middle ear and not draining properly.

Allergy Sufferer

I am a long time allergy sufferer and really didn’t realize how my allergies affected my entire body and health until recently.  

Taking Isotonix OPC-3 (natural antioxidant) instead of antihistamines, periodically sinus medication and the use of my beloved neti has helped improve my life tremendously. As a result I haven’t been plagued with infections of my ear for the past couple of years neither has our 6-year-old son…yay!

To prevent getting an ear infection, clear mucus from sinuses by using a neti pot.

Infection of the middle ear can occur when mucus stays stagnant within the middle ear. If it is flushed out of the ear, it will not sit stagnant accumulating eventually turning into a nasty infection.

I normally get stopped up ears, especially when my allergies are bad. Normally it’s mostly my right ear that gets stopped up. When this occurs, I know that my sinuses need to be cleared with my neti.

When I flush out my sinuses and blow the icky stuff out, both ears especially my right ear becomes unstopped…huge relief!

When my ears become unstopped, my stomach pain also goes away allowing to me to pass gas freely…what a relief!!

Lessening the Use of Antibiotics

I've noticed that by using the neti pot on a regular basis, my ears stay clear of mucus.  

Prior to using my neti regularly, I would continuously suffer from ear infections, which would have to be treated with antibiotics.  

In my opinion, I feel constantly taking antibiotics caused my stomach to become imbalanced since I did not realize at the time the importance of following up with a probiotic.  

Simply using the neti pot may help prevent ear infections in return lessening and/or completely ridding the use of antibiotics due to those infections.  

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