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Stomach Pain Relief

Stomach pain relief due to mucus drainage that works for me encompasses a few things.

1) The first thing I normally do, which may sound silly, is just simply blow the mucus out of my sinuses.

If this does not provide relief to my pain,

2) Then I will then utilize my beloved neti pot,

with bottled water only, to rid my sinuses of the icky mucus.

3) Once it has been blown out directly after the rinse from the neti pot, I then proceed to blow my nose to rid more of the mucus. I may have to do this process a couple of times within the same sitting to get all of the mucus out.

I also find myself blowing my nose up to an hour at times afterwards, yes sounds crazy, to get all of the mucus out but Oh what a relief!

Stomach Pain Relief Methods That's
Worked For Me

Happy Sun

Get a neti pot for stomach pain relief---

There have been times, since I’m a long time allergy sufferer, in which I’ve had to use the neti pot up to four times a day. I normally immediately feel a huge relief from my pain.

The abdominal distension that had been nagging me is no longer there. Thank goodness!

As the abdominal distention and bloating goes away, I’m also able to pass gas allowing my stomach to feel even better. Sometimes it does take a little while (10-15 min) though time varies, for the gas to finally pass.

When the pain in my stomach is still present-- I continue to rid my sinuses of the mucus by blowing my nose and by hacking.

Yes, hacking! It really works to expel the mucus.

It definitely isn’t the most attractive thing to hear but my husband and kiddos forgive me and I'm sure your family will too! It helps expel the mucus that sometimes gets stuck in my throat. It also helps the mucus that has dripped into my stomach to be forced back up. I then proceed again to blow my nose. More mucus ends up coming out after this as well.

In addition to

  • blowing my nose, 
  • the use of the neti pot
  • and hacking

I also take decongestants periodically, last resort, such as Mucinex or Sudafed to dry up the mucus. They not only help with drying up the mucus but it also reduces the swelling of my nasal cavities allowing me to pass gas freely while also being able to pass bowels.  

I use to take an antihistamine, such as Claritin, twice a day directed by my doctor to combat my allergies- that is how bad they are.  

But I recently found a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory supplement, OPC-3, that I take every day to help with my nasal congestion, sneezing, etc.  

Everyone's stomach pain symptoms due to mucus build up vary, but I hope these methods help you as they have helped me in finding relief.  

Stomach Pain Relief Tips Recap

  1. I Blow my nose
  2. I use my neti pot/saline spray
  3. I take a natural antihistamine and occasionally when needed, I take an allergy medication to manage sneezing, hay fever
  4. I take occasionally a decongestant to dry up mucus 
Happy Young Child

One more thing that has helped me.  For about a year, I have been taking a probiotic, digestive enzymes while also drinking Ultimate Aloe, an aloe juice.  Taking these consistently has helped me with stomach issues.  I take the digestive enzymes anytime my stomach feels upset or anytime I may eat something that I have an allergy towards.  They work really well for me.  Provides great relief.  Read more about digestive enzymes. 

Still Having Pain....

Think about going to visit an allergist to have either a skin test or food allergy blood test completed.

For me, one of many symptoms of food allergies is severe stomach pain.  It can be excruciating if you do no realize you have an allergy towards a particular or multiple foods.  Here's to a happy stomach.

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I am a mom of two and wife who looks for natural options and who knows a thing or two about the neti pot as well as resolving my stomach pain.  I love mine and can't imagine life without it.  Sounds funny, huh? But so true!! Read more about me..

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