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Left Lower Abdominal
Pain Prevention

Left lower abdominal pain can be just that- a pain, especially if your doctors have not been able to diagnose it and 

your medical tests have come back clear.

An excess of mucus that has backed up within your sinuses may be causing your left lower abdominal pain.

Yes, this may sound crazy but it could be true. So that is why abdominal pain prevention for mucus draining into your stomach is so important.

When my sinuses are backed up, there is nowhere for it to go except for down in my stomach. When my ears begin to feel full, my stomach normally begins to hurt, which means that there is so much mucus that has accumulated and the only place it can drain is down--into my stomach.

Early Signs To Look For

  • if you're constantly sucking up mucus (I use to do this..ugh!)
  • post nasal drip
  • the first time you cough

A few things that I do to prevent my upset stomach are listed below.

Prevention Steps

1) I clear my sinuses regularly (just simply blowing my nose and/or with the neti pot as needed-Bottled water only) especially when I feel nasally or when my ears feel full.

I normally use my neti when I wake up, a few times during the day as needed and before I go to bed.

2) Because I’m an allergy sufferer I ensure that I take my allergy medication such as Claritin and occasionally Mucinex or Sudafed for congestion.

If I’m doing yard work, though I sometimes forget, I really try to wear a mask-it helps prevent sucking in all of the pollen. In the fall, I suffer as well from the mold on the leaves.

I always try clear my sinuses after working in the yard.

3) I also avoid foods that I’m highly allergic to-in my case almonds. I love almonds but I can't eat them.

When I do these things, they really prevent me from getting an upset stomach that encompasses trapped gas, gurgling sounds and awful bloating.

Remember: Always use bottled water with your neti--never use water from the faucet.

When I don’t follow my prevention guidelines, I find that my upset stomach rears its ugly head.

From this point, I then have to begin the relief process in addition to the previous prevention steps in order to rid myself of the upset stomach that’s also accompanied by my left lower abdominal pain…ugh!

If you have been experiencing pain, along with bloating, gas and awful gurgling sounds, you may have an excess of mucus in your stomach but remember to always consult your physician.

Think about going to an allergist as well, you might find that you are allergic to certain foods as well as to different things in your environment.

In my case, I am allergic to just about every tree, grass, mold, and certain foods.

Start keeping a journal of the food you eat as well as the things you are subject to in your environment.

I hope the neti helps you as it has helped me!

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