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Post Nasal Drip May Be Leading To Your Upset Stomach from Mucus 

Post nasal drip always tend to lead to a sore throat, well at least in my case if I don't nip it in the bud sooner than later.

It usually rears its head when mucus continue to drain from the sinuses.  If the sinuses are not cleared either by blowing the nose, by using the neti pot or a times for me a decongestant, it will tend to get worse leading to that sore throat which then sometimes lead to hoarseness and then to a lost voice, which has happened to me. 

If the mucus continues to build without being cleared, it could lead to a stomach ache from post nasal drip as well.  

Yes, I know sounds crazy but so many experience having an upset stomach from mucus including myself.  

Be Proactive To Avoid The Sore Throat

When I first notice that I'm getting a sore throat, these are some of the steps that I take: 

  1. I blow my nose, gently one nostril at a time.  After I blow my nose and if I find that nothing is coming out, 
  2. I will then need use some type of nasal irrigation method, either a saline spray or the neti pot, in order to help push the mucus through my sinuses for mucus relief 
  3. After using an irrigation method, I then  blow my nose again.  Mucus normally comes out.  

Note:  Based on personal experience the neti pot tends to work best versus the saline spray, especially for post nasal drip relief.  

Tackling that drip issue can help prevent your sore throat as well as awful stomach pain.

Click here to read more about how stomach pain can be due to  mucus drainage.

Kiddos get sore throats too! Tackle the soreness before it starts. 

Definitely not a fun feeling to have a stomach ache from post nasal drip, ugh! 

Neti Pot Works Best For Natural Mucus Relief

For me, I find that the neti pot works best because it flushes my sinuses and aides tremendously with both allergy relief and mucus relief. 

It gets down deep into my sinuses which allows me to blow out the mucus that was "stuck" within my sinuses.

After the mucus comes out, I tend to pass a bit of gas (I know so weird) but when this happens, my stomach feels so better.  Yay! Hallelujah! 

Learn about 3 easy post nasal drip treatments that may help too! 

If you do not want to try the neti pot just yet,you can just start with a saline spray. 

Once you use the spray, try to blow your nose. 

If mucus still does not come out, trying a neti pot may work.  

Unblocking My Ear (That's Beginning To Fill Up)

Well for starters everything is connected,

which means if you have mucus draining into your throat, you probably have mucus that is accumulating in your ears as well.  

For me, when I start to feel that my ear or ears are becoming blocked, this is a sure sign that my mucus production is through the roof and that I need to clear my sinuses by using the neti pot.  If I wait too long to clear my sinuses, I find that that is when post nasal drip tend to start.   

This also may be the case for you.  If you find that your ear is starting to fill up, clear it up immediately and hopefully you will not have to deal with the dreadful post nasal effect.  

If it's blocked, then it could be too late.  You will probably need to pay a visit to your doc to receive ear drops and/or possibly antibiotics to clear it up. 

Also, when I feel off balanced occasionally in the mornings, I notice that one of my ears may be more affected than the other by having more mucus accumulation.  If you are feeling dizzy, always contact your physician but in my case its because of mucus in my ear.  Read more about my experience.  

Additionally, think about going to see an allergist.

I discovered for myself that always having a blocked ear or ears was one of many symptoms of food allergies as well as seasonal allergies.  

Why?  Because anything the body rejects, the body goes into attack mode causing excess mucus production to begin. 

Mucus Upset Stomach Treatment

If you find yourself in a situation which I have often been in, where the mucus reaches your stomach (or is released in excess when you eat something) and doesn't seem to move even with using a neti pot. You know that feeling of being full also mixed with bloating.   Omg...ugh! Let me share what has worked for me but first .. 

Please, please keep in mind that everyone is different and it may take a little bit of this and a little bit of that to find what works best for you but please remember to be patient with yourself and listen to your body. If you're cool with that, allow me to share five things that tend to help me.   

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