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Stomach Pain After Eating 

Stomach pain after eating is something that many suffer from including myself occasionally.  I use to suffer with extreme pain and was very frustrated because no one could proper diagnosis me. Always consult your physician to have proper testing done.

What Could Be Causing The Pain?

Well, It could be a number of things.  That's why it's important to visit your physician.

For me, after having test completed with no concrete diagnosis, I discovered that it was from food allergies.  I never had food allergies and did not realize how much pain they could cause. It feel as though my body is being attacked within which pretty much sums up a food allergy.  The body recognizes that food as foreign object and really goes into attack mode trying to fight it. Then I discovered that I also have oral allergy syndrome (OAS)

Food Allergy vs Oral Allergy Syndrome

I was tested for a food allergy by having the pricks done on my back.  The pricks showed which foods, trees, and other things I had an allergy towards. 

A food allergy causes me to have stomach pain after eating to   include

  • eczema 
  • itchiness
  • tingling of the lips and mouth 

And of course excess mucus production which causes the stomach pain.

Having the oral allergy syndrome is a bit different and weird because the foods that I have a reaction to here does not necessarily show up on my food allergy test.  Weird, I know.  

However, because I am allergic to certain trees, if a particular fruit grows on that tree, I have reaction to it.  

For example, bananas do not show up on my testing but because I'm allergic to so many trees and since bananas grow on trees, I get the tingling in my mouth and only when they are raw.

If cooked, no reaction. Say banana bread, banana muffins, etc. 

Keep A Journal 

Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what you have an allergy towards especially if the reaction occurs some hours or even some cases, days later.  

Before, I had allergy testing, which was done some years ago, I would keep a journal.  I would still find it hard at times to determine exactly what I was allergic to until I had my allergy test done.   

It all made sense we I discovered oral allergy syndrome since I was having reactions to foods that were not even on the my allergy food list. 

Digestive Enzymes Could Help With Stomach Pain After Eating

It's never fun experiencing an upset stomach which is normally accompanied with

  • bloating, 
  • indigestion,
  • belching, etc.  

I've found that digestive enzymes helps tremendously with this.  Since my allergies are not severe, I am able to manage my occasional stomach issues by taking them.   

Taking enzymes are natural and better than taking other products that are not part of the natural process.

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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