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Belly Pain From Not Blowing Your Nose

When you or your little one has a belly pain, it could be due to not blowing your or your little one's nose.

Sounds silly right. Well hear me out.

Think about it!

If you find around the spring or fall months,you or your little one has started to produce a lot of mucus based on all of the

sneezing, along with sucking up the mucus, you or or little one may have an allergy which could lead to belly pain.

Preventing Belly Pain By Trying These Methods


Stop sucking up mucus

If your little one goes around sucking up mucus all day and all night, goes to school sucking up mucus, comes home doing the same thing and continues on for the next two days….where do you think the mucus goes?

Well, it goes down in their little tummies.

Parents often think it is the stomach flu/bug but I believe it is the mucus causing the belly ache.

Remember to always consult your child’s pediatrician if your child has severe stomach pain, it could be something serious.


Post nasal drip 

The same applies to adults. If someone continues to suck up his/her mucus or has post nasal drip…where does the mucus goes?

Again, down into his/her stomach which can cause severe stomach pain, stomach cramps, a distended abdomen, stomach gas, etc.

To rid yourself of post nasal drip, go get a neti pot; it is the best thing since sliced bread.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there and I use my neti pot daily to rid myself of post nasal drip and all of the excess mucus my body produces…ugh!

But at times, doctors can’t always pinpoint and are quick to suggest miralax and laxatives in hopes of easing the belly ache.

Proper Way To Blow Your Nose

In order to prevent injury from blowing your nose too hard, the best way to blow your nose is to blow gently, one nostril at a time instead of forcefully.  

Blowing Your Little One's Nose Can:

Prevent your little one from passing pink eye, that he/she has contracted from having an ear infection him/herself,  to another little one by ensuring and/helping your little one blow his/her nose.

Pink eye originates from somewhere and a pediatrician once told me if an ear infection goes inadvertently untreated, pink eye will normally rear its ugly head afterwards. You’ll feel good knowing that your little one didn’t pass it on.

Note: There are two different types of pink eye, allergic (non-contagious) and pink eye that can be bacterial or virus related, which are highly contagious.  

Also, having your child in a child care setting or if you have a child that is school age, it is almost impossible to prevent your child from getting pink eye from another little one.  I find this mostly difficult in the toddler age since tendencies to touch eyes are often.  

Prevent the dreaded belly pain or stomach flu that tends to show up too often.

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Prevent missed days from school for your little one and missed days from work for you.


  • Every time you hear him/her suck up the mucus
  • When they sneeze
  • When you hear them cough (may have to use saline spray or neti pot to loosen mucus)

(Our 6-year old son has his own neti pot, he doesn’t really care for it but he does admit to me, which isn’t that often, that I’m right. Our 3-year old still just uses saline spray.)

  • In the morning
  • During the day (if possible)
  • When they come home from school
  • Before they go to bed

Last Thought About Blowing Thoses Noses:

I know kids dislike it (mine certainly do) but it will help them a great deal so the mucus will not cause a belly ache.

Yes, I know they hate it….my little ones hate to blow their noses too but I know it will help them in the long run and prevent ear infections which result in pink eye, which will not be passed on by them.  

It will also help with their severe stomach pain.  

Happy Tummies =

Happy Campers!

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