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Natural Allergy Remedies
That Has Helped Us

If you are looking for natural hay fever remedies, these have certainly helped us!

Limiting Your Medication or None At All

There are some situations that may warrant

allergy medication such as claritin especially if someone has a really bad reaction to something but managing allergies each season with so much 

medication can be a lot for the body to take in my opinion, well at least in my case.   

While being on allergy shots about a couple of years ago, my allergist also recommended I take allergy medication twice a day to manage my horrible allergies and I did because they were so extreme but I then eventually decided that I did not want to be on so much medication. 

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Natural Methods That Have Helped Me  

(I must admit that I do use a decongestant periodcially when I have a lot of mucus within a body that needs to be dried up -maybe once a month, very limited)

The Neti Pot Is Awesome!

I have one and I use mine everyday,

you should definitely get one if you struggle every year with seasonal allergies and even food allergies.    I have both, ugh!!

The neti pot is by far one of the best inventions within the natural allergy remedies category, click here for tips on how to use one.  

Natural Alternative to Hay Fever Medication---
Kids and Adults

Through a friend, I discovered Isotonix opc-3, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to manage ailments to

  • include pain 
  • and of course hayfever symptoms due to allergies. 

I was initially a bit skeptic about it helping my allergies since they are so severe.  Though I was skeptic about opc-3 working, I wasn’t skeptic about how important antioxidants are in fueling the body but still wasn’t sure if it would work for me. 

Opc-3 might-a-mins spectrum great for kiddos dealing with awful hay fever due to pollen

Opc-3 might-a-mins spectrum is for the kiddos but the other can be used for both adults and kids.  

When I  began taking it and really could not tell the difference with my allergies initially.  Though, it did help with clearing up my eczema at the beginning. 

I ended up running out of the product for about two weeks and noticed that when I didn’t take it, my allergies seem to be worse. 

I reordered it, started taking it again and at about the 3-month mark, I noticed that it was really helping me.  I didn’t need to be on antihistamines twice a day in order to function .... the opc-3 was working. This is great for anyone suffering from severe hayfever to include sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and nasal congestion.  

For Kids-- it is called Might -A-Mins opc-3.  My kids take this everyday.  It has helped them tremendously with their allergies.  They have been off of allergy medication for about 5 months now---simply amazing.  

Click here to learn more about how opc-3 can help and benefit you.

Natural Alternative to Prescribed Nasal Sprays

I made another wonderful discovery through a nice lady that I met the other day.  

Yay! I love discoveries!

She told me about a product called Xlear, which is a natural alternative to using products similar to Nasonex, which is what I use occasionally.  I am suppose to use Nasonex everyday but really try not to since it is a steroid but also found that it really helps with keeping my nasal passage clear when I use it more often.  

I am so exciting to start using Xlear since it is all natural and hopeful that will help the same way Nasonex has!

I've heard that it's also good for preventing ear infections--now that is awesome!! 

Update on Xlear--Since trying it, I've noticed that it helps with soothing my nasal passages and keeping my sinuses clear.  It must be used consistently for best results.  When I don't, I noticed that it's not as effective. 

You can find it at your local health food store.

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