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Stomach Bug or Mucus?

Okay, so you be the judge.

The stomach bug you or your little one is enduring could actually be from the mucus that has continued to drain down into your or your little one's stomach, especially if your little one is coughing up mucus 

However,  if you are experiencing pain never hesitate to consult your and your little one's physician. 

Always consult your physician.

Recurring Stomach Bug

If this recurring "bug"  keeps rearing its ugly head and you or your child continue to have unexplained stomach pain, mucus could be the problem! Yep! Mucus!!

So often, many people say around a certain time of year that the stomach bug is going around. But if you think about it, so many people especially kids have sinus conditions because of

  • pollen, 
  • mold, etc. 

as well as many adults. Many kids and adults also suffer from the horrible post nasal drip...the worse, like I do! But it's due to excess mucus...ugh!

Why During The Fall Season?

The inevitable "stomach bug"

can happen really anytime but it seems to show up more often (depending on what area one lives) in the Fall months.    

Once the leaves fall, the rain and or the moisture from the morning dew builds up on the leaves, causing them to grow mold.

If you are allergic to mold, the mucus more than likely will accumulate in your body and will cause you to get post nasal drip without the sneezing.

Or the same thing could happen to your little one. However if you hear him/her sucking up mucus, assist your child or ask your child to blow his/her nose.

What About The Other Seasons?

Since every region is a bit different when it comes to seasons (some have two, some have three, etc) it's crucial to pay attention to what's going on in your environment especially when the stomach bug is going around.  

If leaves are not falling quite yet but you start to hear that little ones as well as adults are experiencing the bug, check your forecast to see what the pollen count is.  

People do not realize but often times when the pollen count is high or you see pollen floating around in the air, yikes!  this is usually around the time when people experience issues with their tummies.

Everything within our bodies are connected, we just have to play close attention and listen/watch for signs.  

How Do I Know?

Well, because our 6-year old (now 13..woah) son has had the "bug" but it seemed to always come back too frequently. He would say to me, " mommy my stomach hurts" as any little one would.

Of course the first time, he told me, I took him to see his doctor. She suggested miralax and said to hold off on the milk. We did for the time suggested but his symptoms, which vary from each individual, always came back.

Symptoms of Too Much Mucus

----If you're noticing that you or your little one's vomit seems to look sticky, that's the mucus expeling itself. It has nowhere else to go.

With my experience after the mucus is expelled from the body, tummy issues go away hence the 24hr bug.  Hmmm.  This is not the case for everyone but certainly for a lot of people. ------

Our son is also plagued with allergies...poor guy. Our daughter is as well. They both inherited that mostly from me but also my husband.

His mucus production can be through the roof at times depending on the environment or if he eats something that he has an allergy towards.  I am the same way! not really.

Why Is There So Much Mucus?

Many reasons such as: 

  1. food allergies
  2. seasonal allergies
  3. oral allergy syndrome
  4. poor air quality within home
  5. allergies toward household chemicals, pets, perfumes, etc.

How To Prevent Built Up Mucus

We avoid/minimize foods that we have an allergy towards

  • I encourage them to STOP sucking up their mucus

(where do you think it goes.. well it goes in your stomach)

I always tell our son..STOP sucking up your mucus, GO BLOW your nose!

  • I then highly encourage them to go BLOW their noses---gently

when they wake up, during the day and before they go to bed...oh yeah, of course when they sneeze

WHEN your Little One Sneezes or Coughs-Be sure to gently BLOW his/her Nose---YOu'll be surprised what comes out.  

We Always Use

  •  A natural antihistamine calle OPC-3
  • Neti Pots- we each have our own (Never share)

Occasionally we use (last resort)

  •  An allergy medication -Always read the labels for correct dosage
  •  A decongestant to dry up mucus-Check the age and dosage

Remedy for Mucus Relief 

As soon as I hear either little one complain of unexplained abdominal pain, which some consider to be the stomach bug, I'll have them Clear Their Sinuses.

  1. First, I simply assist them or have them blow their noses.
  2. Afterwards, I have them use their neti pot (works best) or saline spray to rid all of the mucus (irrigation process imperative, pushes mucus out) It could take over 30 minutes to get all of it out, especially if it has continued to be sucked up or has been draining for a couple of days. Think about it.
  3. I have them blow their noses again.
  4. And I REPEAT a couple of times but not too many in one sitting. When I go through this process, I can actually feel the mucus coming up from out of my stomach...such a wonderful relief. 

Use an over the counter or natural antihistamine.  This will help manage mucus production.  

Saline spray is not as effective for my 6-year-old son and I. It doesn't clear our sinuses like the neti pot does.

We still use saline spray for our 3-year-old though. Haha, well not anymore since she is 11. We're still working with her on blowing her nose....We're hopeful!!

That's why its so important to rid mucus from little babies with the aspirator....very imperative.

The MUCUS has no where to go but down.

Food For Thought

Stomach bug or mucus? You decide.

You or your little one may be allergic to something, either environmental or a certain food. You may want to schedule an appointment with an allergist to find out.

Pay close to attention to what their sinuses are doing.  If sinuses issues are present, stomach issues are more than likely to follow and be present as well. 

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I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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