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Mucus Aspirator 

Mucus, ugh!

Especially when your infant or toddler is suffering from a cold or even an unknown allergy. 

Mucus, phlegm  or snot is produced in our bodies to aide all of  us but when

there is too much of it, it can cause major issues especially for your kids and especially if they are not blowing their noses.

Now I am a mom and have two little ones myself so I know how imperative the use of an

aspirator is especially for infants since they cannot blow their little noses. 

I realize kids dislike them

mine certainly did but they help tremendously! 

Why Are Aspirators So Important?

You may already know but let me give my perspective.  When your infant is not able to clear the phlegm that has accumulated in their sinuses, many things can occur: 

  • a cough, 
  • congestion, 
  • stomach pain, 
  • ear infection, 
  • pink eye (yes, very true!) 

among other things depending your little one.

When the aspirator is used (though your infant or toddler may dislike it),it will provide relief to him or her by expelling the mucus from his/her sinuses by way of suctioning.   

How They Prevent Infections?

Yes, aspirators can prevent these infections. 


Well because they get the snot out.  

Plain and simple!

Once it's out, no risk of ear infection which can eventually lead to pink eye if the infection goes inadvertently untreated.  

Think about it. 

If you have an infant or toddler that cannot blow his/her nose and he/she continues to suck the phlegm up, it will continue to produce and build up eventually backing up into his/her sinuses.

What does this mean?  Read on..

Well when the phlegm continues to get backed up, and sits in the body, and can’t go anywhere, it starts to build up in your little ones stomach hence tummy ache.

It continues to build and builds up in your little one’s ear hence ear infection. 

It continues to build and eventually builds up in your little one’s eye hence pink eye. 

A Pediatrican Once Told Me

Your little one does not always have to catch pink eye from someone else, he/she can actually get it by just having an ear infection that goes inadvertently untreated. 

This I did not realize, it explained a lot for me!

 I know this because my son and daughter have both had pink eye in the past because of infection of the ear that weren’t caught soon enough. 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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Using the Aspirator provides relief to your little one.

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