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Oral Allergy Syndrome 

Oral allergy syndrome (OAS) also referred to as pollen allergy syndrome is something that many people experience but do not realize exactly what it is.  

If you ever eat a piece fruit or a vegetable and start to get a tingling, itchy sensation in your lips, you may be experiencing oral allergy syndrome.

What Is Oral Allergy Syndrome?

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When you bite into a piece of fruit or vegetable in the raw form and your mouth starts to tingle a bit, it is possible that you could be experiencing oral allergy syndrome which is something that I suffer from.

For some, if the fruit or vegetable is peeled, it tends to be more tolerable.  But for others like myself, the fruit or vegetable is more tolerable when it is cooked.  

I experience this in the Spring, Summer and Fall months due to the pollen count of each season.  And also when certain fruits and vegetables are in season.

Does Oral Allergy Syndrome Cause Stomach Pain?

For me, oral allergy syndrome most certainly does cause stomach pain.  

When my body comes into contact with the allergen, it causes my body to react in which my 

  • stomach will begin to hurt
  • my lips with tingle
  • my mouth will itch
  • my ears may become red
  • my face could break out
  • gas
  • excess mucus production 

Stomach pain due to oral allergy syndrome can vary from each individual.  Some may experience stomach pain immediately and some may not experience stomach pain until a few hours later.

How Is Oral Allergy Syndrome related to Pollen Allergy Syndrome?

Oral allergy syndrome (OAS) is also referred to as pollen allergy syndrome because it is caused by the proteins that have the similar chemical structure of the pollen an individual is allergic to.

So in other words, when I bite into an apple, I will have a reaction because it has the same proteins of a pollen that I am allergic to.  In this case, it is the pollen from the birch tree.  

The apple and the birch tree has the same chemical makeup.  Since I am highly allergic to birch, I will always have a reaction to anything that has the same chemical structure.  

Oral Allergy Syndrome Foods 

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Oral allergy syndrome foods are foods that have the same protein of a particular pollen (s).  

For example, as I stated earlier, apples contain the same protein as a birch pollen.  Some other fruits and vegetables that contain the same protein are:

  • carrots 
  • celery
  • cherry 
  • peach 
  • pear 
  • soybean
  • barley

These are just some.  The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America provides a wonderful list that shows cross reaction to birch.  

Here are some other websites that provide the full list of cross reactions.  Be well. 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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