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Pink Eye Can At Times Be Prevented

Pink eye or conjunctivitis can be absolutely horrible,ugh!  Being a mom of two little ones, I know first hand how icky it can be.  

Also keep in mind, that it can either be alllergic (non-contagious) or viral/bacterial related which is highly contagious.

The tricky part is determining which one you or your little one has, so always contact your physician or your child's pediatrician if you are not familar with it.  

How to Determine Non-Contagious from Contagious Conjunctivitis?

Always contact your physician or child's pediatrician to ensure that it is not contagious.

The thing about both is that they both have pretty much the same symptoms so it can be really hard to determine between the two especially if you have never dealt with it before.

For me, I have so much experience with this since my whole family is plagued with allergies.  


If you or your little one has allergies every year around spring and if both eyes are sticky, especially in the mornings, there is a possiblity that this conjunctivitis is allergic.

Our daughter has started to get allergic pink eye from allergies every year since last year.  At night, I give her an allergy medication to help with the reaction.   


If you or your little one does not suffer from allergies and you notice that the eye is pink, chances are this is contagious-possibly caught by someone else.

If your child is complaining of an ear ache due to an ear infection and you also notice the eye is pink, chances are this is contagious.  The mucus is spilling over from the ear to the eye.  

Prevention, How?

One thing about conjunctivitis that I discovered a couple of years ago is that it does not have to be caught from someone else.  An individual with an untreated ear infection can ultimately get pink eye, which is what kept happening to our 4 year old, at the time she was about two.  In actuality, I think it was combination of her getting both allergic and viral conjunctivitis.  

Learn more about allergic conjunctivitis and viral/bacterial conjunctivitis.


  1. Well, just by ensuring you keep your little one sinuses clear is the first start by using an aspirator.
  2. Be sure to use a saline drop/spray to loosen mucus to ensure mucus does not build up into sinuses and then ears.


  1. Keep sinuses clear by simply blowin your nose-stop sucking the mucus up.
  2. If mucus seems to be "stuck", a cough is indicative of this or if nasal congestion is apparent, use a neti pot to flush the sinuses.

If the sinuses are kept clear, mucus does not have the chance to build up in the ears.  Mucus built up in the ears will eventually cause pink eye.  Something to think about, hmmm.

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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