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Symbicort and The Reason Why I Decided Against It

Symbicort is a medication that is prescribed to many to help manage their respiratory system.  My physician wanted to prescribe me the same thing but I politely declined. Yes, I sure did.  So now let me tell you why.

Symbicort--Not the Answer For Me

Having been an allergy sufferer for years and being seen by an allergist and eventually receiving immunotherapy and then eventually ceasing it due to many reasons, I was now being recommended by my new physician to take Symbicort but I told her no thank you. Kindly of course.

Why?  Well I was just done with taking so many antihistamines especially if I could use something natural in which I would have the same results. 

I think my doctor at the time was shocked by the fact that I told her no.  I was actually very proud of myself for declining the product and it wasn't because of me telling her no, it was because I knew what my body needed and what my body could benefit from the most. 

Why I Use OPC instead?

I use OPC, a natural anti-inflammatory because it is simply better for my body.  It's not the fix all to everything but it sure is effective.  I feel much better using it long term versus using a steroid like Symbicort.  OPC is simply a great product that my kiddos and myself use to provide mucus relief hence being an anti-inflammatory.  

When my physician at the time thought that the steroid inhaler would be beneficial for me, I had actually just started taking the OPC.  I remember when I went back for my next checkup, she complimented me on how my skin and the puffiness around my eyes had improved significantly which I owe to taking the anti-inflammatory.  

Could OPC Work For You? 

Honestly, I really don't know.  It may or may not.  We all have different body types and our bodies respond differently to different things.  

Could it possibly support the normal functions of your body and provide an antioxidant defense? Sure, which is what all supplements are here to do.  

Natural vs. Medicated

Deciding to go the natural route may not always be an easy decision for some and once someone prefers natural treatment,  finding the right combination can be a daunting task in itself.  

Sometimes, as in my case, just one natural product is not as effective.  I have to supplement with different natural solutions to help my body.

Do I still take medication?  Of course.  But not as much which was the goal.  Medication is definitely warranted for certain ailments but I feel should not be prescribed for every little thing. 

As an example, for me and my kiddos, I still take allergy medication and give them some too every now, when desperately needed.  During the spring months, we take it maybe twice a month while continuing to use OPC for maintenance.  When taking it sparingly like this, I noticed that the medication is more effective.  This is soooo much better than taking it everyday.   

When Allergy Medication Is Too Much 

Well for me, I use to take antihistamines twice a day while also having immunotherapy 4-5 days a week.  Enough was enough.  

When my body was taking all of this allergy medication, it functioned really well but at the same time, I didn't feel like it was doing my body any good long term.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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