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opc-3--An Anti-Inflammatory
and Antioxidant That Helped  
My Severe Allergies

opc-3 is such a wonderful discovery that I made through a friend.

I'm sure you're asking, what is it and how can it benefit me?

So let me tell you how....

The Importance Of An Antioxidant

Okay, first let me talk about antioxidants and why they are important.  

They are extremely important in order to fuel our bodies  because they get rid of the free radicals (aka. bad stuff, read about it later) that causes different types of ailments.  

It is the same thing blueberries, lemons, raspberries, etc. are packed with but because we need to eat a large amount of these fruits and vegetables everyday, our bodies truly do not get enough of what it needs.    

This is where Isotonix opc-3 comes in.  

Isotonix opc-3

  1. What is it?  It's a natural anti inflammatory powdered antioxidant (the one in the purple bottle) that helps manage different ailments to include allergies, arthritis, pain, cramps and the list goes on.  
  2. Why take it? Our bodies need antioxidants to live a healthier life.  And since we don't get enough of it everyday, we need to get it some how.  Isotonix opc-3 allows for us to get our daily intake of these antioxidants. It helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels while also supporting a healthy complexion and other important functions.   
  3. How will it help you?  It will help with any type of ailment you are dealing with it.  It is not a cure but it will help manage your pain and any other symptoms associated with your ailment.  For me, it has helped with my allergies by managing my hay fever, runny nose and watery eyes instead of taking an allergy medication twice a day.  For my mom, it has helped and continues to help her with her Parkinson's disease. For you, it can help manage your symptoms as well.  
  4. What are the benefits of it?  Okay, so earlier I touched on free radicals.  Well this is what free radicals cause: 
  •  Oxidative damage to cells  (which causes different cancers)
  • Premature aging
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Decline in vision health
  • Decrease in sperm quality
  • Decline in strength of blood vessels
  • Decrease in cognitive function

All the things we don't want, right? 

Why Not Try It?

Me with opc3 and other vitamins that I drink every morning

At times we spend so much time focusing on products for our external needs but forget about supplying our body with what it needs internally.  

Isotonix opc-3 is a great option since it is in a powdered form and it is all natural.  While taking it is good, its also important to fuel your body with essential vitamins and minerals as well.  

Just try to be proactive about your health versus reactive.  We only have one body, keep it healthy in order to live a happy, well balanced life!  

Click here to order opc-3 from my web store.  It may be what you need to manage your symptoms!

How to take it?

  1. Keep on an open mind and be patient.  You will see changes.  Changes vary per individual.  
  2. Take it for at least 3 months to see the affects on your body. 
  3. Take one capful per 75 pounds.  The amount you take is based on weight since everyone's pain tolerance is different.  The amount that works for a smaller person will not work for someone whom is larger.  
  4. When you start taking it initially, increase the dosage by one or two caps depending on your pain.  For example, if you have severe pain, take two additional caps.  

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