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Sulfite Intolerance (Allergy Like Symptoms)

Sulfite allergy (intolerance) can cause symptoms that could be what is causing your stomach pain.  Sulfites are preservatives found in different food and drinks such as wine, dried fruit and any food that needs to be preserved.  

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Is Wine Due to Sulfite Allergy Causing Your Stomach Pain?

Do you enjoy drinking a glass of wine?  If the answer is yes, then you're definitely not alone.  That one glass of wine may be okay but it's when you have more than one glass of wine in one sitting or tend to have a glass of wine with your meal quite often that could be causing you to have an intolerance towards it causing allergy like symptoms.   

Now, I know that having a glass of red wine on a regular basis is actually good for your health, well as long as one does it in moderation especially since it contains resveratrol which is a great benefit to heart health.  

However, that glass of wine could be causing you to have stomach pain. I know that you're thinking, OMG, No! Don't take my wine!!  But the good news is that it may not have to be taken away completely but dialed back a bit. 

So in my experience, I discovered that I had an sensitivity towards wine after having a glass every night one week while cooking dinner.  Well, it actually took me a few times of having wine during the week for me to actually pinpoint it.  

I think this is something that many of us do, right?  We cook dinner while having a glass of wine.  Or we'll have a glass of wine with dinner.  Or both, haha! So, for me I've discovered that having a glass of wine every now like for date night, a girl's trip, an occasionally weekend, etc. etc, is more tolerable. And sometimes, depending on how much stomach feels, I may not have any at all.      

Now, that is what I can tolerate but others may be able to tolerate something completely different.  One would have to determine his/her limit which can be done by trial and error. 

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Is Your Favorite Dried Fruit Causing Your Stomach Pain Due to Sulfite Intolerance?

Yes, dried fruit could be the reason that you have stomach pain.  I discovered this one time when we were going a road trip.  I picked up a couple of bags of dried fruit for the trip, especially since I wanted something healthy for us all but boy let me tell you, I experienced the worst pain from consuming the fruit.  My stomach was not happy.

My body was not able to break down the preservatives on the fruit.  The preservatives being sulfites.  

Sulfites Could Be Located In Your Other Favorite Foods 

Because sulfites are preservatives, they are not only found in your glass of wine and your favorite dried fruit, sulfites can also be found in other types of food that need to preserved as well.  I've provided a list of some that I'm aware of.  

  • Wine
  • Dried fruit
  • Beer
  • Pre-made items
  • Salad dressings
  • Pickled items
  • Canned vegetables 

If you're not sure, always check the label and do some research on which foods contain sulfites.  

Sulfite Allergy (Intolerance) Symptoms

Sulfite allergy (intolerance) symptoms can be very awful.  Symptoms vary from individual but some symptoms that I tend to have are: 

  • stomach pain
  • cramping 
  • major bloating
  • gas, gas and more gas, ugh! 
  • trapped gas too and it's the worse because it just sits there with no escape.  Horrible!

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you could have a sulfite sensitivity.  

Be sure to look at the ingredients on pre-packaged foods to see if sulfites are contained.  Start keeping a journal to determine if sulfites are actually what's causing you pain.  

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I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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