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Stomach Pain and Food Intolerance 

Stomach pain and food intolerance are two things that unfortunately tend to go together quite often for many as well for myself. 

Of course, not two favorably things to occur but they still do.  

Quite often when people suffer from stomach pain, they don't necessarily think of having a food intolerance especially if they have never had any issues in the past. 

But as I've learned, one can develop a food intolerance at any given time which is what happened to me.  

Stomach Pain and Food Intolerance Symptoms

Ok, so it can be hard at times to determine if you actually have a food intolerance.  One may automatically assume that it's from food poisoning or even the stomach bug and not even take food intolerance into account. 

And at times, symptoms are the same when it comes to many ailments.  For me, my symptoms consists of (to include but not limit to)

  • stomach pain
  • stomach cramps
  • bloating
  • gurgling sounds in the stomach 
  • hot ears 

Keep in mind that symptoms vary from each individual so its important to keep track of foods that you eat as well as the symptoms you experience.  

Common Foods That Cause Intolerance

Some common foods (to include but not limited to) that result in stomach pain and food intolerance are:

  • gluten
  • wheat 
  • soy
  • dairy 
  • nuts
  • sugar 
  • yeast

Keep in mind that many people experiencing intolerance to these foods even after eating them for years which has also been my experience.  There are a lot of factors to cause this which includes age (that's me!) 

Additionally, even though a food intolerance exists does not mean these foods need to be completely taken out of one's diet.  It may just be a matter of cutting back which is my case or taking a quality digestive enzyme which helps break down certain foods, which is what I do as well.   

However, intolerance to certain foods that contains gluten can be quite serious which results in someone having celiac's disease.  In this case, one will want to completely eliminate gluten from one's diet.  If you suspect that it's gluten, your doctor can administer a test to confirm this.  

Again, everyone is different so it's important to listen to your body and contact your doctor to discuss options if need be.  

Keeping a Food Diary 

Keeping a food diary can be beneficial to someone who is experiencing stomach pain but not sure of the root of the pain. 

Stomach pain and food intolerance are no fun to deal with and some experience constant pain because again not knowing the root cause which can be very frustrating...ugh! 

Keeping a diary can also be beneficial when going to visit one's doctor because he/she will have a clear picture of the foods that one has been consuming. 

After paying close attention to what I was eating, I discovered that sticky candy was one of the culprits causing my pain because all of the sugarNow, I love some gummy bears but when I eat too many of them, I pay for it later.  It is because of all the sugar and how sticky it is.  My body has a hard time digesting them.  If I eat a small amount, it's fine but too many will put me over the edge. 

Delayed Response 

When it comes to food intolerance, my body can be affected much later after consuming the food.  This is not true for all foods but certainly some.

So keep this in mind when stomach pain may not show up until a few hours later or even the next day.  The cause could be something that was eaten the previous day which is why it's important to keep some time a food journal to pinpoint the root.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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