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Sore Throat And Child

When it comes to a sore throat and child combined,  it is certainly no fun, but knowing what to do can make the getting better process a snap for your little one!

The Root Cause 

Sore throat and Child Root Cause from my experience:

Against my best effort to keep my little one's sinuses clear of mucus, it does tend to sneak up.  When the mucus sneaks up and continues to accumulate within the sinuses, the only way it can go is down into the throat hence the awful sore throat.  No fun! 

Normally when there is an excess amount of mucus, this means that my little ones are having an allergic reaction to something which for the most part in my kiddos case is from pollen.  

Signs Leading Up To A Sore Throat

When it comes to my little ones, there are signs that normally occur to signal me to do a few things to get the mucus out.  Such as 

  • sneezing
  • sniffling 
  • and/or congestion

However at times, these things do not always occur especially with my youngest for some reason.  With her, it tends to sneak up and before I know it, she is complaining about a sore throat.  

Got A Sore Throat And Child, What Next?

Recently, when my little one came down with a sore throat then eventually a fever, my goal was to get the fever down and get the mucus out.  I felt so bad when she couldn't hardly talk, poor thing..the worse! 

A sore throat, just from experience is merely mucus that has become stagnant in that area.  Ugh, no fun!  I've been there.  I really try to stay on top of my kiddos as well as myself with using a neti pot.  It's so valuable and important.  

To get her fever down, I switched back and forth from tylenol and ibuprofen.  I also used a cool wash cloth on her forehead.  This helped with reducing it tremendously.  

To get rid of her sore throat, my focus was to get rid of the mucus which was a gradual and consistent process.  I continued to give her water and aloe juice throughout the day which loosened it. The aloe juice helped tremendously with her throat while also with settling her stomach pain.  I also gave her honey throughout the day as well (Remember no honey for little ones under the age of 1). In the mornings, instead of giving her allergy medication,  I would have her drink 2 oz Might-A-Mins OPC-3 which helps with inflammation too.  

To expel the mucus, I had her use her neti pot.  Though little mucus was coming out initially, it helped break it up.  In addition, I used Vicks vapor rub during the day and at night.  The rub helped tremendously to loosen the mucus.    

I continued to do these natural things over the next two days.  The only medication that I gave her were the tylenol and ibuprofen.  She was back to herself and talking so much better and on to school on Day 3.

Sore Throat And Child, Can These Two Combinations Be Prevented?

It can and I am a true testament to that as long as the sinuses are being irrigated or flushed on a regular basis especially from someone who has allergies.   

When I feel congested, I much rather reach for a natural solution like  the neti pot  or even at times a digestive enzyme versus reaching for a medication.  

Why a digestive enzyme?  Learn more. 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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