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Dealing with a Skin Rash --
Having Allergies Can Result In Eczema

I don’t know about you but for me, my skin rash, food allergy rash,  or eczema  flares when my allergies are present.  And since I am pretty much allergic to everything, according to my environmental and food allergy tests, I am plagued with  allergies all year around which means that my eczema can consist of 

  • dry itchy skin
  • dark spots
  • red patches
  • raised skin 

Allergy Shots Has Helped Me:

I noticed when I was getting allergy shots administered about 8 years ago, my face was always clear- absent of any skin rash which consisted of dry itch skin or patches which eventually turned into dark spots and then fading away.

With any condition, symptoms will vary so others may experience a different type of skin reaction all together.

So you are probably wondering why I stopped getting allergy shots especially since my skin was so healthy and clear.  Well because I moved to another state and the closest allergist was about 30 minutes away.  You’re probably thinking that this is still not a good reason.   Well when I was getting allergy shots, I had to go to the clinic 4-5 times a week for my shots to be effective.

So you can imagine driving an hour to and from everyday to receive one shot and having to wait at least 20 minutes to ensure there aren’t any adverse reactions.  I really did not want to go through that so I decided to do my best to manage my allergies on my own.   

What Should You Do? 

If you have a skin rash that is not going away or bothersome, you may want to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and/or allergist.  Why both?  Well let me explain based on my experience. Read on. 


The dermatologist can help you resolve your skin rash or eczema externally by prescribing you an ointment or a cream of some type, which may or may not help. 

I say this because it depends if one has an allergy towards something and don't even realize it.  This is where an allergist comes in. 


The allergist will help an individual combat his/her skin issues internally by determining what allergies he/she may have and either will start the individual on allergy shots, suggest taking antihistamines (which is what I take) and/or will suggest to the individual to stop eating foods that are causing the reaction.

If you someone is experiencing stomach pain, getting shots or stopping problematic foods relating to Oral Allergy Syndrome may help with that as well.  

Journal Your Foods

If you do not want to schedule an appointment with an allergist just yet, there are some things that you can do to determine what you are possibly allergic to.

  1. Keep a journal of the foods that you consume everyday.
  2. After consumption, note any symptoms or reactions you may experience:
  • hives, 
  • runny nose,
  • itchy eyes, 
  • itchy skin, 
  • food allergy rash
  • nasal congestion, etc.

Note: symptoms may vary with each individual

And symptoms may not show up immediately. 

Your skin rash could be associated with excess mucus in your body.

With any reaction, it cause inflammation (excess mucus production) and with inflammation the skin starts to become affected as well especially with my experience.  

  1. After pinpointing the foods you may be allergic to, cease consumption for about a month. 
  2. Take pictures of your skin and then in about a month, check to see if your skin has improved any.  

Healthy Skin Discovery

Since there is no cure for eczema, making adjustments within the diet and avoiding foods that causes breakouts, I've been able to manage it pretty well. 

Here are some tips:

  • eat right (balanced meals-food pyramid)
  • drink water (at least 8 glasses per day)
  • consider supplementation 
  • limit/avoid dairy and sugar
  • limit/avoid foods that can be problematic - for me this includes corn and chocolate sadly.   

Natural Solutions 


Everyone needs to do what works best for him or her.  But I've found that taking vitamins to include fish oils, magnesium, calcium, b-complex, digestive enzymes as well as probiotics help to keep my body aligned.  

Natural Skin Product-

When dealing with eczema, it is extremely important to keep your skin moisturized daily.  

In order to avoid using too many prescription creams on my skin, I use shea butter on my breakout areas.  Coconut oil is great to use as well.  I also mix my own oils and include essential oils such as tea tree and peppermint.  Products such as Eucerin and Aquaphor are great! 

This maybe a shocker but I also use Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs only with the mother) on problem areas and believe it or not, it works.  I think it may be one of the oldest remedies known to man.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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