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Sinus Headache Relief By
Using A Neti Pot

Are you suffering from a sinus headache, well I’ve definitely been in your shoes?  

If you are an allergy sufferer like me or if you are constantly battling these headaches more often than you like due to

  • seasonal allergies
  • food allergies
  • household chemicals
  • perfumes
  • pet dander, etc.

A neti pot may prove to be your best friend! 

Headache Cause 

The cause of your headache is due to

inflammation and mucus

hanging out in your sinuses after your body reacts to an allergen. 

If you continue to allow the mucus to hang out,

this could ultimately lead to a sinusitis or sinus infection. 

Natural Remedy

In order to remedy your headache without taking any medications such as a decongestant, the best, inexpensive method is to use a neti pot. 

The neti pot will actually flush the mucus out your sinuses, which will ultimately clear up your headache. 

Bottled water only!

Click here for neti pot tips that will help with your sinus headache.

What happens if you don't clear the mucus?

The muus will continue to build day after day making your headaches worse possibly causing a sinus and/or ear infection and even pink eye.

Yes, even pink eye!

A doctor once told me that pink eye can show up by having an ear infection that has gone inadvertently untreated.  This normally happens to infants and toddlers more often since they have a hard time communicating their ear (s) may hurt.  

Other Remedies

In addition to using the neti pot, I occasionally take a really good decongestant such as

sudafed or mucinex

which helps with drying and clearing up the mucus in my sinuses. 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

About Me

I am a mom of two and wife who looks for natural options and who knows a thing or two about the neti pot as well as resolving my stomach pain.  I love mine and can't imagine life without it.  Sounds funny, huh? But so true!! Read more about me..

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