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Wine and Allergy Attacks 

Yes, Wine and allergy attacks. I know, ugh! Craaazy, huh.

Well, recently I discovered that I have an allergy towards wine due to the sulfites that are contained in some wines.

What Are Sulfites?

Many people may have an allergy towards it and may not even know it. 

Sulfites are a group of sulfur based compounds that can occur naturally or can be added to foods as an enhancer or preservative. 


How I Discovered My Allergy?

You're probably wondering how in the world I figured this out, huh.

Well,  I had took a break from wine, not because I didn't want to drink it anymore, but because I was trying a new pre-mixed sangria as well as a pre-mixed margarita.   So I would drink those occasionally versus the wine.  

And wonderfully enough, I had no symptoms.

Wine and Allergy Attacks--- Symptoms

So when I started back having a glass at night, I noticed that not only would my stomach hurt but my throat would hurt as well. My allergy attacks consisted of:

  • bloating
  • painful gas cramps
  • trapped gas
  • sore throat
  • slightly swollen throat
  • occasional eczema break outs

Needless to say, not very pleasant.  And this would occur every time I would drink wine.  

Eventually, I looked at the ingredients and noticed that it contained sulfites.  

The premixed drinks I mentioned earlier did not.  

You Don't Have To Give Up Wine

Yay to that!  

I just discovered wines that are made without sulfites.

Yes, organic wines!  The only thing is that you always have to check the label on the bottle to ensure sulfites are not contained even though the front of bottle states organic.   

Other Foods That Contain Sulfites

This is a list of some but not all foods that I know of off the top of my head:

  • garlic
  • some pickled vegetables
  • wine and beer
  • some dried fruit

For a complete list go to WebMd

Symptoms vary with each individual.  

For me, I've noticed that I may have bloating with one food but do not exhibit the soreness of my throat.  It just depend on the food and also the amount of sulfites that are present, which really cannot be determined.  

So, always read the labels...Always!

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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