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Upset Stomach Causes

Upset stomach causes can range from many things and often times leaving people as well as their doctors stumped because it's hard to pinpoint exactly what it stems from which is what happened to me.

I remember going to my primary care physician and then eventually a specialist with really no clear diagnosis in sight.  It was almost like it was in my head...well excuse me because I knew better!  

I eventually went to see an allergist and the nurse that treated gave me the best insight....that my upset stomach could be due to the mucus that was draining into my stomach....omg!! yes, brilliant! I think she was on to something and then over the years, I discovered more to this.  

Some Upset Stomach Causes  

Upset stomach causes can stem from many things which is why it's important to talk to your physician and/or find a physician who will listen to your needs and work with you to come up with a plan. 

Some causes which I'm familiar with include but are not limited to:

  • food intolerance
  • lactose intolerance
  • food allergies 
  • oral allergy syndrome (OAS)
  • seasonal allergies
  • poor digestion 
  • leaky gut syndrome
  • imbalance of gastrointestinal tract 
  • and again mucus...ugh! 

There are many other causes but these I have experienced.  

Mucus As The Cause 

Mucus can absolutely be the cause which I did not realize until a nurse mentioned this to me.  It was one of the best aha moments I've had.  

Since I suffer from awful seasonal allergies and even worse hay fever, my body produces an excess of mucus especially within my sinuses as so many others can relate. 

So this is what I have discovered...that the mucus not only drains down from my sinuses into my stomach but that it is also released in excess amounts in my stomach too.  And this is due to not only seasonal allergies but also from certain foods that I consume that causes inflammation which in return causes excess mucus.  Aha! 

Upset Stomach Remedies 

Typically when my stomach is upset it's mostly due to sinus drainage,  and/or food and lactose intolerances.  Sometimes its a matter of me doing a few things to resolve it. Some remedies that tend to work:

  • flush sinuses using a neti pot
  • taking a decongestant
  • take a probiotic everyday
  • take digestive enzymes 
  • avoid/limit foods that causes inflammation
  • take an antihistamine

Please keep in mind that everyone's body is different so what works for me, may or may not work for others.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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