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Spring Allergy Symptoms 

Spring allergy symptoms can be the worse.  Can anyone else relate?  

I’ve suffered from allergies for so long and every year around March when everything starts to bloom is when I start to feel the affects of the beautiful spring season.

Those wonderful spring allergy symptoms start to rear their ugly head.  Ugh! 

Some spring allergy symptoms that I tend to experience are 

  • sneezing
  • running nose
  • itchy eyes 
  • scratchy throat
  • cough
  • stomach pain

and just straight up horrible hay fever.  You know when you feel like you’re going to sneeze but you don’t…’s the worse.

As I’ve gotten older,  my spring allergy symptoms also manifested into stomach pain. Yes, stomach pain.  So many, including myself never realized that my stomach could hurt because of my allergies which why it was sooo hard to pinpoint. 

It's the feeling of my stomach not being settled. It feels like its always on 10 around the spring time of year which eventually causes digestive issues.  

For the longest, I could not figured out what it was even after going to different specialists until I saw an allergist. 

After receiving allergy testing, it was discovered that I was allergic to many things within the environment.  I have never been diagnosed with a true food allergy but discovered that I do have Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) since I’m allergic to many different types of pollen. 

If you have never heard of it, it’s something that many suffer from but probably do not realize it.  

Spring Allergy Symptoms from Birch Pollen

Spring allergy symptoms stem from spring know the yellow stuff that you see over absolutely everything.  Ugh! 

Sometimes you even see pollen clouds which is the absolute worse. 

One spring pollen that's in the air is birch, which is associated with cross reactions to certain fruits and vegetables which is considered OAS as mentioned above.  

Birch is just one of them, there's so many more that contributes to the yellow stuff floating everyone.  The trees and flowers are absolutely beautiful but some people's sinuses are a mess. 

To learn more about which fruits and vegetables to limit and/or avoid, click on the allergy website below which provides a great list.  There's a ton of other ones available online too.  

Some symptoms that I deal with are

  • sinus headache
  • sinus pressure
  • stomach pain
  • muffled ears
  • congestion
  • itchy, watery eyes
  • itchy, flaky skin (eczema)

Keep in mind that there is no cookie cutter solution since everyone's body is different and everyone may experience slightly different symptoms.

Just be patient with yourself, take notes on what's going on with your body and figure out a good balance that works for you.  And always, always consult your physician.

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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