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Post Nasal Drip with Cough
Try These Three Tips To Nip It In The Bud 

Post nasal drip with cough is something that tends to rear its ugly head from time to time, I'm certainly familiar with that (unfortunately) but the good news is that there is few ways to remedy it and nip it in the bud before it gets worse. 

So how do I nip it in the bud?  Here are a few tips that have helped me. 

Tip #1: Grab A Neti Pot

Yes, yes, yes it actually works!  I know it's weird and you're thinking how it could this thing that looks like a tea pot possibly help but it does but don't take my word for it.  Try it for yourself. 

It is considered a natural nasal decongestant that helps break up the mucus so that it can be expelled which helps get rid of the cough.  

I use to suffer from a lot of sinus and ear infections before using a neti pot on a regular basis.  

Learn more about the neti pot and how it may help you with post nasal drip cough as it has helped me. 

Tip #2:  Look at What You Are Eating 

No seriously, look at what you're eating. Other than having seasonal allergies that could be creating your post nasal drip with cough, what you're eating could actually be causing you to have nasal congestion as well which in return could be causing you to have post nasal drip.  

How do I know this?  Because this has happened me to.  I use to eat a lot of foods that I either had a sensitivity or intolerance to.  And when I repeatedly at these foods, my body would react.  

Now here is the thing. There are certain foods that I have sensitivity or intolerance towards that I can actually have as long as I don't have a lot of it or as long as I take a digestive enzyme. 

So again, look at what you're eating and maybe even think about keeping a food journal. If you start feeling congested after eating a certain food, this could be the culprit. 

Tip 3: Try Other Natural Decongestants and Expectorants 

Besides using the neti pot to nip post nasal drip with cough in the bud, there are some other remedies that can be used which myself or kids have tried a time or two.

  1. Drink lots and lots of water to thin the mucus. 
  2. Try a humidifier 
  3. Pick up a natural nasal spray like Xylitol
  4. Drink peppermint or lemon/honey tea. 
  5. Take a shower.  The steam could help.

Bonus Tip To Help Nip Post Nasal Drip with Cough for Once and For All

I also take an antihistamine which helps with suppressing histamine which in return helps with the mucus production. 

If I need some extra help, I'll also take an OTC decongestant and/or expectorant to help expel the mucus.  

Keep in mind that I'm also doing all of the natural things as well. It helps and I hope this helps you! 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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I am a mom of two and wife who looks for natural options and who knows a thing or two about the neti pot as well as resolving my stomach pain.  I love mine and can't imagine life without it.  Sounds funny, huh? But so true!! Read more about me..

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