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Pollen Allergy 

Pollen allergy rears its ugly head every season...well the outcome is absolutely beautiful with all of the blooms but the allergies that come along are not. 

Does anyone else have horrible reactions to pollen?  It's awful.  I've been an allergy sufferer for so long. 

What is a Pollen Allergy?

Well every year around spring, summer and fall when everything starts to bloom and become beautiful, everything that blooms releases pollen into the air in order to pollinate.  

The pollen is carried throughout the air wrecking havoc on those who have reactions to the pollen causing hay fever aka pollen allergy.  

What symptoms does it cause?  

Pollen allergy causes a myriad of symptoms includes but not limited to:

  • hayfever
  • itchy, watery eyes
  • eczema
  • nasal congestion 
  • excess mucus production
  • allergic conjunctivitis 
  • allergic rhinitis 

It has also caused me major stomach pain.  I never knew that it could cause pain since I had never experienced this symptom due to pollen allergy before.   

Which Pollens are every season?

Every season the flowers, the trees, the grass and even the weeds...yes the weeds come alive.  lol.

These pollens consist of

  • birch tree
  • oak tree
  • bermuda grass
  • maple tree
  • elm tree
  • johnson grass
  • timothy grass
  • etc.

To learn more about which pollens to expect each year, go to Heathline to read more. 

How to Determine if One has Pollen Allergy?

The best way to gauge if one has pollen allergy is to look at his/her symptoms especially around the allergy months.  If he/she has any of the symptoms described earlier then it may be safe to assume this.

One of my symptoms that I tend to have as well as my daughter is allergic conjunctivitis.  It's when the eyes become

  • pink, 
  • itchy 
  • and watery.  

It's so hard to mistaken it with contagious pink eye too but they are quite different since one is contagious and the other is just due to allergies.  

One way I distinguished allergic conjunctivitis is that every year around March time frame when everything would start to bloom, is when her or myself would get it.  It just clicked that this was from allergies and then confirmed by our doctors.

Allergy drops as well as an antihistamine was suggested by our physicians. 

When Does Pollen Allergy start to appear?

Some can start to feel the affects of pollen allergy early as February like myself.

Especially for ones that are very sensitive to pollen...again like myself.  

It literally affects my entire body:

  • eyes
  • sinuses
  • ears
  • and stomach 

Remember everything is well connected. And if one area is affected, others may be as well.  

I hope this helps.  Feel better soon.

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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