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Persistent Cough and
Vicks VapoRub

Persistent cough and Vicks VapoRub go hand in hand when that nagging cough rears its head.  

Before Reaching For the Vicks Rub

When I first notice that my little ones have a cough, I really try to remedy the cough by doing a few things:

  • Blow their noses
  • If that does not work, I have them use their neti pots to help expel the mucus.  Yes, they have neti pots too! 
  • Honey and lemon juice also are helpful in breaking up the phlegm

Coughing is really just another way for the body to rid itself of the mucus

When there is a lot of mucus built up, at times coughing results in a purging of that mucus

Soothe with Vicks VapoRub at Night

Even when I try to make all attempts to help my little ones clear the mucus from their nasal passages, sometimes some still has the tendency to get "stuck" in their throats.  

This can be a pain at night when trying to get some sleep, for both adults and little ones.  

When the nagging cough is present when going to bed, 

I rub Vicks VapoRub on my little one's chest to soothe their cough.

I find that it helps to break up the mucus while they sleep at night.  

When they awake the next morning, 

the mucus seems to be looser which allows for it to be expeled by simply blowing their noses.  I also may have them use their neti pots.

Vicks VapoRub on Feet?  Truth or Myth?

A few years ago I read that putting Vicks on my little one's feet would help with his cough at night, so I did.  

I felt that he it did help him and I continue to do it today with both my kiddos but others feel differently about it being effective when rubbed on the feet.  

I think you as an indivdual must be the judge of that for yourself.  Of course, always read the directions to ensure that you are using it properly.  

It also good to rub on areas for aches and pains so I don't feel as though the feet is a bad area.  

The question is:  does it really work? 

Again, you have to be the judge of that for yourself.  

I personally think it does help a tad bit, maybe not 100%

but I feel as though it is similar to when the feet are being massaged at the end of a stressful day.  

I believe that there is a connection with the feet allowing the body to be in a relaxed state.

In this case, it is rubbed on the feet and then covered with socks, which I feel allows the body with the menthol to be in a more relaxed state

causing the cough to be reduced not necessarily ridding it completely.  

But again each individual/parent has to decide if this method works for his/her child.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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