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Neilmed Neti Pot 

More people now than ever are reaching for a natural, gentle way to manage hay fever and a neti pot is fitting that bill.   And not just any neti pot but a Neilmed neti pot.  

Why Neilmed?

Well why not.  It's one of the most recognized neti pots out there and I love mine!  

It was my very first netti and I must admit after using it consistently, it has truly changed my life.  

It has help me manage my stomach pain due to excess mucus by simply flushing my sinuses on a regular basis.  Truly a God Sent! 

How Long Since I've Had My Neilmed Neti Pot?

Wow, I've been using the Neilmed brand since 2011 for a number of reasons.  One, as stated earlier, because it was the most recognized and two, because I'm pretty sure there was a coupon attached to it.  And I love coupons!  

It's hard to believe that I've been using a Neilmed neti pot for that long.  I guess it's so hard to believe because at one point of time I didn't think that a neti pot could help me at all.  I tried but didn't have much success and maybe the reasoning was because it wasn't a Neilmed.  

Who Else Has A NeilMed?

My little ones do...yep, they sure do!

Our 8-year old has been using a neti pot since he was about 4 and our 6-year old since she was about 5.  

I started them on Neilmed neti pots because there were probably coupons available I'm sure, lol but besides that, they needed them just as much as I needed one.  

They both suffered from

  • ear infections
  • sinus infections,
  • post nasal drip, etc

And I knew the best, natural way to help flush the mucus out of their sinuses was for them to have one of their own.  

Remember: Neti pots are not to be shared! 

Have I Used Other Neti Pots?

Yes, of course I have but they could never compete with Neilmed.

And I know what you're's just a neti pot right...well no.

Once you start using Neilmed, it's hard to use any other brand.  

For me, it's the comfort when I'm using it.  It's something about the smooth, rounded spout that makes it comfortable to use in contrast with others.   Also, I find that other brands have a plastic smell...something that I'm certainly not fond of.  

Hey, it's very important to find a neti pot brand you like.  

Other Cool Things About Neilmed 

Some other cool things I love about the Neilmed brand are that I get a ton of saline packets as well as a nice pamphlet explaining the sinus cavities and how to use and care for my neti pot.  

It's really quite fascinating the amount of info that's provided.  

I love my Neilmed neti pot! 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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I am a mom of two and wife who looks for natural options and who knows a thing or two about the neti pot as well as resolving my stomach pain.  I love mine and can't imagine life without it.  Sounds funny, huh? But so true!! Read more about me..

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