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Mold Allergy 

Mold allergy is an allergy that many may have but just doesn't realize it like in my case as well as my son's.

We were tested many years ago and I simply cannot recall all of the allergens we tested positive for.

But this time around, we both tested positive to having a mold allergy.  

How to test for a Mold Allergy?

So the best way to test to determine if one has a mold allergy is simply to go get tested. 

The best specialist to test for this is an allergist.  

He or she will either have a blood test done, a skin prick done or decide to have both. 

My son had both test done this time around since he is younger and in order to get a much clearer reading.  

When were tested years ago, we both only had the skin pricks done and let me tell you, they itch like crazy. 

When does Mold Allergy occur?

So mold allergy appears not only start to appear in the Fall season when it starts to becomes cool and damp but it also can happen all year around especially if one lives in a space that has mold issues.  

There even may be a part of the home, like the basement, that may have mold issues which can cause people to have a reaction such as

  • sneezing
  • stomach pain
  • cough
  • nasal congestion 

Some can have more severe reactions which is important to visit a physician if it's suspected that mold is the culprit. 

My son and I experienced so many symptoms throughout the year especially nasal congestion when our family lived in a rental home and one of the culprits ended up being mold because it was an old, old home.  Trees covered the home which didn't allow the home to dry out when it rained or snow.  The roof was also very old which had moss growing on top of it.  The home simply did not have the opportunity to air out which caused the mold to grow.

Tips on Mold Prevention 

Here are some tips that will help prevent mold in your home especially if you have someone who suffers.  Besides having mold build up in the home is not good and should be remedied as soon as possible.

  1. Be sure that your home can dry out by removing trees that are hanging over the house
  2. Be sure that your roof is free from moss
  3. If you have a basement, use a dehumidifier. 
  4. Improve the ventilation in your home.  
  5. If you suspect mold in your home, have an inspector come out to suspect 

For more tips, visit EPA

I hope this info helps.  Take care. 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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