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Lemon and Honey As Natural Health Remedies

Lemon and Honey can be either used separately or together for wonderful natural heath remedies.  So many are now implementing healthier options in their lifestyle versus opting for unneeded medications.

Lemon and Honey Benefits That I Love

I love lemon and honey when I have a sore throat or when I feel like I need an extra boost.

I remember growing up and my Dad would give me a half of a lemon drizzled with honey if I had a cough and I would eat the honey and suck the juice from the lemon.  So sourly sweet! What's funny is that I continue to do that now every now and then.  At one point in time, I did forget about it but then eventually remembered this great remedy.  

I also turn to these two natural ingredients when myself or my kiddos have a cough.  It's a great way to thin the mucus and soothe the throat, all at the same time.  

My kiddos love to have a spoonful in the morning or when they get home from school.  I can't say that this happens everyday but I try to leave the honey on the counter so we at least remember.  Honey has been great for us as one of many allergy remedies we use.  

Remember: Honey should not be given to little ones under the age of 1.  

Lemon is an Antioxidant 

Eating a lemon is a great way to receive our antioxidants which are essential when combating against free radicals.   

Free radicals are the things that we don't want in our body.  They attack our healthy cells and continue with a domino effect.  Free radicals can come from eating unhealthy, toxins built up within the body as well environmental pollution.  

My kiddos love lemon juice! They love to get the little lemon juice bottles found in the produce section and drink the juice every now and then.  It's pretty fascinating watching them savoring the oh so sour lemon juice.  

Other Natural Remedies

Lemon is also great for digestion.  Yes indeed! And with the gut holding more than 85% of our immune system.  Digestion is important.  

Simply squeeze a 1/2 lemon into a 8 oz. glass of water prior to your first meal of the day. 

It helps prepares the digestive system and allows for easier digestion of food.    

This can be done everyday for optimal digestion health.  This process is part of a 7-day detox that my hubby and I recently completely.  

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is also great for digestion too! 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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