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Kleenex-A Treasure Especially 
When There Is None

Okay, we’ve all been there--having no Kleenex--- especially my fellow allergy sufferers around the spring and summer months when everything is in bloom and when all of the allergy medication comes front and center in stores all across America.

The blooms are so beautiful

but the awful hayfever is maddening!  Hay fever and mucus relief can't come fast enough.

You know what I mean.... when you sneeze, and mucus comes out of your nose and you find yourself out of tissue.  And you’re thinking now what.  It is absolutely horrible! 

Having Kleenex is a must when you are an allergy sufferer!

I’ve been there! 

And then what happens next.  Well, I start searching for something, anything to wipe or blow my nose especially when I’m somewhere where I can’t get to Kleenex like in the car while driving, in an elevator, in the park…you catch my drift.

This has also happened with my kiddos.  It’s the worse! 

I found myself scrambling in my purse trying to find anything close to tissue to wipe their noses. 

It’s almost like the inevitable, “Mommy, I have to go potty” when there is no bathroom in sight.  Perfect timing, Ugh!!

Recently, I was in my car driving back home when my nose starting itching. 

I was really trying to hold back a sneeze but once the itching starts, there is no stopping and then all of sudden, I started to do

the whole ah, ah, ah with the ugly hay fever face and I just couldn’t hold it back anymore and I Sneezed

I not only sneezed but also slightly expelled mucus from nose with the rest slowly descending down, ugh!

And the worse part, I had no tissue in the car-NONE!!

So I started looking around for anything to wipe my nose.  I didn’t have tissue but I did find a piece a paper where my little girl had done some beautiful scribbling---I thought about it-----PERFECT I thought-she wouldn't know-so sorry love! I’ve been saved. 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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