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How To Get Rid of Abdominal Bloating?

How to get rid of abdominal bloating is a question that many of us have, and some more often than others.  

In order to get rid of abdominal bloating, it's first important to determine where the bloating stems from.  

How To Get Rid Abdominal Bloating From Oral Allergy Syndrome?

Oral allergy syndrome can cause abdominal bloating which it has in  my case and it's not the best feeling in the world. 

If this occurs, I will do a few things give or take:

  • drink plenty of water 
  • flush my sinuses with a neti pot (I know it sounds strange but it something that tends to work)
  • take a digestive enzyme 
  • take a Benadryl (this typically occurs at night for me) but some may have to take it during the day depending on the severity of his/her allergy

I must say that there is no cookie cutter answer.  One must find what is right for his/her body.  Listen to your body and take cues from it.  

How To Get Rid of Abdominal Bloating After Waking Up in the Morning?

Have you ever woke up and felt bloated first thing in the morning?  

If so, you are not alone.  This happens to me as well.  

Why, you may ask? 

Well, when you are sleeping at night, you are constantly breathing in and you could breathing in allergens that you are allergic to.  

If you have not dusted in a while, this could be the culprit.  You could be allergic to those pesky dust mites.  What about your air filter, when was the last time it was changed?  What about your pillow?  You could be allergic to that as well.  

Also, think about what you had to eat the previous night.  Maybe something you ate caused you to have some bloating.  

Some ways that I attempt to relieve the bloating is to:

  • Blow my nose (I know this sounds odd but sometimes it does the trick)
  • Clear my sinuses with the neti pot (Sometimes your nasal cavities need to be flushed in order to get rid of the allergen)
  • Take a natural anti-inflammatory.  
  • Stretch
  • Acupressure
  • Exercise 

Sometimes doing one or two may relieve the bloating, sometimes doing all.  It's really about what my body responds to and that given moment.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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