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Histamine Reactions Causes Your Body to Go Into Attack Mode

Histamine from my viewpoint is activated when you eat something that makes your body go into attack mode, which is why allergy medications such as claritin are so popular especially around the spring season and even with individuals whom have food allergies.

Reaction Number

For me, which is what I found out through my allergist a few years ago, my histamine becomes activated at 4.5. 

Okay, lets take chicken for example.  When I eat chicken, it is  at about 4.6, which means I am allergic to chicken. 

However, when I eat almonds, my levels peak at 16 plus, which means I am severely allergic to almonds.  Still not to the point that I need an epi pen but to the point where my tongue itches and tingles along with mouth, and I also start to become really congested due to the high mucus production, which in turns causes my stomach to bloat and hurt if I do not begin the process of getting rid of the mucus immediately.

I also experience skin rash or eczema. Again, this is how I react.  Not everyone reacts the same.  Even though peaches and pears are at 4.4 for me, I still have a reaction-not as severe but nonetheless still a reaction. 

On the other hand, if I eat tuna, which is at 3.3, I am completely fine.

Do You Need An Allergy Test?

You may need to get tested to check which foods activate your histamine.  

Prior to my allergy testing, I would eat food items that I was allergic to but did not realize it and could not figure out why I was experiencing so much stomach pain. 

I really try to avoid foods that I am allergic to if all possible.

If I consume one food item that I am allergic to, my reaction isn’t so bad but if I eat several food items that I am allergic to—my body goes into severe attack mode---a lot, a lot of mucus! Ugh! Not very pleasant.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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