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Chronic Constipation 

Chronic constipation is something that many deal with.  It’s so important to schedule an appointment with your primary physician if this is something that you are experiencing on a regular basis. 

In my experience, it ended up being due to excess mucus in my body and sitting in my gut.  Ugh, so painful and the absolute worse.

The feeling of going to the bathroom and nothing happening is not a good feeling.  I would feel bloated and my belly would be very sore.  I could not understand what was causing me so much pain since I was a pretty good, health conscious eater.  I’ve always suffered from allergies but did not realize that having seasonal allergies could cause my body to produce so much mucus. 

And to top it off, there are fruits, vegetables and other foods associated with these same allergies I was allergic to.  

Connect the Dots to Explain Chronic Constipation 

So when looking at this.  It’s best to look at the entire picture, instead of just the stomach.  I’m going to try to explain to the best of my ability.  So when it comes to the body, everything is connected.  Literally everything.  

The eyes, sinuses, stomach, and nasal cavities are all connected in some frame or fashion.  

When I come in contact with an allergen, my body responds in different ways.  Here are some ways: 

  • The histamine causes mucus to build up in my body (it can then drain into my stomach)
  • If I breath in an allergen, my nasal cavities are affected causing me to sneeze and also causes fluid to slowly build up in my ears (it can then drain into my stomach)
  • If I eat or breathe in allergen, my stomach can be affected since histamine is also released in the gut which can also be drained into my stomach.
  • If I don’t clear my sinuses, the mucus can further drain down into my stomach causing me to have even more mucus in my gut.  

I hope all of this makes sense but I wanted to explain it in a way to see that there’s many ways the body can be affected, especially with the  mucus either starting in the gut or draining in the gut. 

Read more about how mucus can adversely affect the gut. 

Everyone has mucus being produced in their body but some people have a lot more especially if he/she has is affected by any type of allergen like myself.  

I hope this helps.  Cheers to happy stomach! 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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