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Can Sinus Drainage Cause Upset Stomach?

Can sinus drainage cause upset stomach?  The answer is absolutely, well at least for me it does.  My son will experience this too.  

When mucus continues to drain in your throat, it will eventually lead down to your stomach where it sits.  Since our stomach already secretes mucus, the additional mucus draining from the throat as well as the additional mucus secreted due to an allergen will be enough to give anyone an upset stomach.  

Can Sinus Drainage Cause Upset Stomach During Allergy Season?

Allergy season is probably the worse because your body is constantly fighting off all the allergens.  

And you could be someone who suffers from allergies all year round, ugh!

So if you always fighting off something, your body is continually producing tons of mucus.  All the mucus production in the body can cause sinus issues which if not resolved, will cause drainage from inflamed sinuses.  

I know because I've been there and done that.  

Sinus Drainage Remedy for Upset Stomach

Sinus drainage remedy that helps me is to use a neti pot.  

The thing about the neti pot is that it really has to be used consistently.  So as soon as you feel like you are getting slightly congested, use it and continue to use it to clear your sinuses with mucus.

The issue with the neti pot is that some people wait until the last minute to use it and then it's too late.  At that point you may already have an infection and you will then have to go visit your doc.  

Antihistamines also help.  Since I already know that I have reactions to allergens, I know that taking an antihistamine will assist with histamine release which ultimately manages mucus production.

Also, drinking lots of water believe it or not.  When I keep myself hydrated, I notice this helps with thinning out the mucus.  So be sure you drink water everyday and lots of it.  

Other tips:

  • humidifier (my daughter uses one)
  • essential oil diffuser (my son has one and loves it)
  • decongestant
  • Xlear (love, love's a natural nasal spray)
  • when you sneeze, attempt to blow your nose

These are just some tips.  Definitely do your research to see what may work for you.  Ultimately, anything that assists with managing your mucus production will assists with your upset stomach.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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