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Allergy Immunotherapy 

Allergy immunotherapy....hmm, exactly what is it you may ask?

In layman's terms, it's therapy that will help boost your immune system against allergens to include

  • seasonal
  • dust
  • dander

that your body has a hard time dealing with. 

Also referred to as allergy shots, it’s great for individuals who have a myriad of allergies not to include food allergies though. Those are entirely different and could have far worse complications. This is only for people including myself who experience horrible seasonal allergies as well as allergies towards

  • mold, 
  • dander
  • dust mites

For me, my body is on 10 during the spring seasons because I’m allergic to everything and I mean everything.

  • Trees 
  • grass 
  • and then to top it off as I mentioned earlier dust, dander and mold. My body is literally trying to fight off all of these allergens and after sometime my immune system suffers.

Since I'm currently receiving allergy immunotherapy, my body is on 10 times 2.  Haha...that's pretty high. 

But I know it will pay off once it's all said and done.  

Why Allergy Immunotherapy

Well again it’s going to help build up my immune system against the allergens that cause my body to suffer soo much. The allergy immunotherapy will essentially help my body to function optimally. 

This is my second time getting allergy immunotherapy too. They worked great the first time but we moved out of state and I never continued them thinking that it was enough therapy...welp, in the long run, I was obviously wrong.

So anyway, I figured it was time to start again to really build my immune system up and get it to where it needs to be. 

How long for Allergy Immunotherapy

This answer is based on the results from your allergist. I’ll be on them for a total of 7 years. Wowza 

Initially, I'll go in once a week for abut 4 to 5 months, then once a month and then once a year.  

What's the Process?

So I honestly can’t remember the complete process the first time around besides that I went in everyday to receive therapy aka an allergy shot.

But this time, I go in once a week with every six weeks the shot continues to get stronger. The first 6 weeks was green, then blue, I’m now in yellow and then the strongest red. 

My body has definitely felt the effects of the shots coupled with spring time allergies that I'm also dealing with. 

Visit the Mayo clinic to learn more about immunotherapy.

I hope you find much needed relief.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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