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Acid Reflux From Mucus...What!

Acid reflux is something that many people unfortunately have on a regular basis.  Some so severe they have to be prescribed medication to manage the ailment.  Acid reflux is something that I certainly have had but thank God, not to the extent in which I needed to be prescribed something. I am going to share what I've done naturally to help manage it. 

Reflux Due to Mucus...Is That True! 

Well I can't speak for others but for myself...yes it is due to mucus!  

Ok, so hear me out.  When the stomach has a lot of mucus aka inflammation, its hard for the digestive system to work properly.  

For me, its the worse. I become extremely bloated and then it feels like I have trapped gas, which is the worse feeling.  No movement, no gas, just fullness of the belly, ugh!  

When this occurs, it's hard for food to digest properly.  It just sits there with the mucus and becomes stagnant.  This ultimately causes reflux unless the food can be broken down they way it should.

I hope this makes sense. 

So the next question, you're probably thinking is what do I use to help manage it.

Do Digestive Enzymes Help For Reflux?

They absolutely work for me and they have worked for others too!  Yippee!!

A few years back, I would suffer tremendously from

  • stomach pain, 
  • bloating 
  • an occasional acid reflux

until I discovered enzymes after conducting some research.  After trial and error with them and using different ones, I found some that I really enjoy.  

How Do Enzymes Work?

They simply help break down the proteins in food so the body can benefit from the essential minerals and nutrients.  

When my food is being digested properly, there is no room for mucus aka inflammation to show up and hang around.   And there is certainly no room for reflux.  Go away...bye, bye!!

Click here to read more about my experience with enzymes. 

Acid Reflux in Child From Mucus Too?

Little ones also suffer from this as well and it can be heartbreaking watching them go through this, so it's important to find ways to help them manage by discussing wellness solutions with their pediatricians.  

Again,  reflux stems from the gut of course and if something is not being properly digested, it could rear its ugly head quite often.

As a mom, I also give my kiddos digestive enzymes too!  They've never had reflux that I know of but then again they might have but just didn't know what to call it.

But anyway, I give them enzymes, every so often, when I think their digestive systems need a little bit more help.  My son suffers from mild food allergies, so if eats something and gets a bit of an upset stomach, I turn to enzymes.

They truly make all of the difference in the world! 

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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