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Abdominal Pain From Dairy Allergy 

Abdominal pain from dairy allergy occurs often with most people unaware that they even have an allergy.

The longest time I thought, as many people often do, that I was simply lactose intolerant but discovered after being allergy tested that I actually have an allergy towards dairy...sniff, sniff.

Dairy Allergy vs Lactose Intolerance

Stomach pain from dairy allergy can be hard to distinguish from a lactose intolerance especially if one has never experienced any of the symptoms associated with both ailments.  

With a dairy allergy, I not only experience stomach pain, bloating and gas, I also exhibit

other symptoms such as 

  • nasal congestion
  • puffy eyes at times
  • and eczema

With my experiences with allergies, lactose intolerance deals with mostly stomach issues versus stomach, sinus and skin issues, which are more evident when dealing with an allergy of any type.

Avoid or Limit Dairy Intake

With any food allergy, its best to avoid those foods completely especially when the reaction is known to be severe.  

For me, I still continue to eat foods that contain dairy but I really try to limit the intake.  

For example, having a couple of slices of pizza on occasion is ok but to have creamer every morning with my cup of joe is not feasible for me.  

Having dairy everyday would wreck havoc on my stomach and my sinuses.  

Digestive Enzymes may help you!  I've been taking enzymes for about a year now.  I must say they have helped me tremendously.  I take them especially when I know I'll be eating something that may upset my Read more about my experience with digestive enzymes here. 

What to Eat When Allergic to Dairy?

Deciding on what to eat when abdominal pain from dairy allergy rears its head is something that each individual must decide for him/herself.  

One must discern how severe his/her allergies are based on onset symptoms or by visiting an allergist.  

For me I try to limit my dairy intake tremendously since consuming too much of it can cause me severe stomach pain and nasal congestion.

Instead of using creamer every morning in my cup of joe, I opt to use a coconut milk creamer.

With my cereal, I choose to use coconut milk.  Other substitutes can be used such as almond or soy milk.  

What About Ice Cream?

Well depending on how severe your dairy allergies are, you may have to give up ice cream completely.

Boo, hoo!

I sad but don't fret.  There are alternatives such as soy based ice cream that may just do the trick. 

Some are questionable but it's about finding the right brand for you.  So SOY is one that I tend to enjoy.

However, if your dairy allergies aren't too severe, you may get away with having ice-cream every now and then---you just need to know your limit as far as what your body can handle.  

Abdominal pain from dairy allergy can be severe, so think about having testing done if you have inkling that dairy is the culprit.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please comment and share if it has. xo, V❤️

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