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Seasonal Allergy 

Having a seasonal allergy can be a pain. I’ve been a long time allergy sufferer and have had to deal with constant

  • post-nasal drip with a nagging cough at times 
  • bloating
  • and awful, awful hay fever.
  • sneezing, 
  • running nose, 
  • nasal congestion,
  • eczema

However, I did not realize that debilitating stomach pain could also be the result of having a seasonal allergy.

When I had my unexplained abdominal pain along with

  • trapped gas and 
  • the urge to pass gas or go but couldn't, 

it didn’t dawn on me that it was from all of the mucus that had been continuing to drain down into my stomach. I initially thought I was pregnant. This sent my husband into a happy frenzy in looking at mini-vans! Yikes!

I thought it was irritable bowel syndrome. I thought I had a spastic colon. I just didn’t know.

Tests came back clear. I also had indigestion and horrible gas…both due to the accumulation of mucus.

Mucus is there to help us but can also be a detriment to our bodies if there is too much of it. You know the saying, Too much of anything is never good!

Stomach Pain Due to Allergy Season


I’ve found that my stomach pain along with my nasal congestion and post-nasal drip comes based on the weather.

I don’t always experience the typical allergic symptoms as described earlier such as sneezing, etc.

That’s why when I had stomach pain, I never made a correlation with having a seasonal allergy.

Pain can be dependent on weather, food allergy, or household chemicals

If it’s spring, I suffer because of the pollen from the beautiful flowers; I love to garden so I suffer big time if I don’t take my antihistamines. My symptoms are normally sneezing, hay fever, and stomach pain especially if I don’t take my medicine.

In the summer, I suffer because of the trees and grass.  Same symptoms.

In the fall, I also suffer because of the mold on the leaves and else where. Yes, mold on the leaves especially on rainy days. I found my mucus production is through the roof and I am plagued with constant nasal congestion and constantly blowing and clearing my nose with my wonderful neti pot…best thing since sliced bread!

In the winter, I have so much relief!! Hardly no nasal congestion due to the enviroment (pollen, etc), only if I eat something that I’m allergic to, like almonds.  

Other Causing Factors

Household chemicalsdetergents and perfumes 

can also play a huge role in causing allergies.  Pay attention to you and your child and how you all react with certain products.  Something that you use everyday may be the culprit to your allergy symptoms such as

Try natural cleaning, if you think your household cleaning supplies are the culprit.  

Also, if you're constantly breathing in unfiltered air due to not having central air or if you have forgotten to change your air filter.  This too could be contributing to making your allergies worse.  

Note: Be sure to change your air filters regularly or check into getting an air purifier for your home to reduce allergens.

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Allergy Relief with A Neti Pot

Could you be an allergy sufferer and not realize it? Allergy treatment by Trying a neti  out for size. Click for neti tips.

Think about contacting an allergist today to schedule an allergy test.

In the meantime, think about what triggers your excess mucus production that has been causing your unexplained abdominal pain and take your life back!

Natural Supplement That Has Helped Me

With my seasonal allergy being off the charts, at times I would have to take antihistamines such as Claritin twice a day as directed by my physician.  

Initially I did to keep my

  • sneezing 
  • and watery, itchy eyes 

at bay but then decided that I just did not want to take so much medication.  

Through a friend, I discovered a wonderful natural supplement called OPC-3 which is an antioxidant, the stuff blueberries are packed with, and I must say that it has helped me with my seasonal allergy tremendously. This is my go to allergy remedy.

Initially, I was a bit skeptical and really wasn't sure if it would work for me but I stuck with it and continued to take it every day.  It's been about four months since I've been taking it and I must say, it is awesome.

 I love it so much, I decided to open another business in which I could help others by providing OPC-3 as an option.  

Want more information, learn more about OPC-3 here.  And find out how it can benefit you.  It has helped me and others tremendously!

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