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Food-Allergy May
Be Causing Your Stomach Pain

Having a food-allergy can play a huge part in your upset stomach. When you have an allergy towards certain foods such

as dairyyour body produces a large amount of mucus that your body cannot handle all at once,

which can lead to severe stomach pain.    

Also keep in mind that reactions vary from each individual.  

Click here for: Abdominal pain symptoms associated with having an allergy towards a food.

Having a food-allergy can cause your body to adversely react causing a mild to severe reactions .

 If you are consuming a small amount of a particular food that you are allergic to, it may not cause you to be severely ill. 

It may, as for me, cause  symptoms as follows but not limited to:

  1. sneezing
  2.  runny nose  
  3.  hives
  4. itchy, watery eyes

But if you consume a large amount of this food, or many different foods that you are allergic to, this large consumption can really make you very ill causing more severe symptoms such as:

  1. severe stomach pain, cramps
  2. stomach gas pains
  3.  nausea
  4. wheezing
  5. rash --- eczema 
  6. anaphalytic shock

If you find yourself having any or all of these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention---- contact your physician.  

Schedule an appointment with an allergist to have  food allergy testing completed.

Do You Always Have Nasal Congestion? Could Be From A Food-Allergy

I am allergic to many foods, some more than others but highly allergic to almonds and should not consume them at all.   If I do consume almonds, my mucus production is through the roof, which then ultimately causes severe stomach pain due to the excessive amount as well as nasal congestion.  I then must do everything to rid my body of the mucus which consist of the following:

  1. Clear sinuses by using my neti pot
  2. Then blow my nose to expel mucus and/or until stomach feels relieved
  3. Take a really good decongestant, which for me dries up the mucus and reduces swelling of my nasal cavities.

I've hadn't had to reach for a decongestant since I've been taking probiotics for about a year as well as digestive enzymes to help with digestion and I must say that these have helped tremendously with my food allergies.  The enzymes help with breaking down my food for easier digestion. 

Normally, if I know that I am going to misbehave and have something that I know I shouldn’t have, I will opt for a food allergies treatment that has worked for me such as a digestive enzyme to help breakdown the food protein

I use to take antihistamines everyday since I’m just about allergic to everything (not just foods but molds, grass, etc.) but have found natural options instead.

My reactions aren't severe enough for epi pen.  

Severe Stomach Pain 

If you are having pain in your stomach and can’t figure out why and have been to the doctor on numerous occasions and still can’t pinpoint the reason, you may be allergic to something

  • environmental or 
  • a food and not even realize it.  

You may want to think about consulting with an allergist to schedule an skin test or to have food allergy testing completed.

Also, keep me in mind that an allergy towards food can develop later on in your life. 

I use to eat almonds all of the time and loved them but now cannot without having a reaction. 

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