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Stomach Pain Associated With Excess Mucus In Your Stomach

Your stomach pain could be due excess mucus accumulating in your gut.  

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Yes mucus! I know it may sound crazy but just hear me out.  Our 6-year old son and myself have had the same issue.

I  know first hand about going to several doctors and none of them having the ability to diagnose my belly pain based on what I was telling them, feeling and experiencing.

Very, very frustrating, urgh!

Doctors Clueless, Are You Frustrated?

I had four different doctors, several tests ran, ultrasounds performed along with enemas and all of them told me that my stomach pain did not exist but I knew better!

The culprit ended up being excessive mucus draining into my stomach.

I did not realize that the symptoms my son and I were having were due to it draining down into our stomachs.  

I felt horrible, ugh! And you may be feeling the same way too.

Pain In Stomach Symptoms

  • I had excruciating pain especially in my lower left region.
  •  I was in pain to the point in which I would grab and hold myself. 
  • I had a distended abdomen and no matter what I ate, I had stomach pain

Not only was I experiencing this, my son was as well.

He would tell me that his stomach would hurt and

he would grab it while holding it because of the debilitating pain.

Are You Experiencing Some of These Symptoms?

The ironic thing about it was that I would normally experience pain too around the same time.

I thought to myself is this a coincidence or a correlation.

I would think about the food we had that day and tried to figure out if it was the food. But I found that we did not eat the same foods for breakfast and lunch considering he was in school during the day.

So then discovered it was due to excess mucus, read on...

The Benefits of Blowing Your Nose

The simultaneous pain kept happening so I knew there had to be a correlation between the two of us.

When I finally discovered from a wonderful, wonderful nurse that built up phlegm was causing my pain as well as my son's stomach pain, I was so relieved and happy.

I had prayed continuously hoping to receive answers and I did.  A lot of people, as myself

Woman Blowing Her Nose (Courtesy of Microsoft)

at one point, don't realize that phlegm or mucus can cause such a debilitating pain.

It was the last thing that I thought was causing my abdominal pain but I was relieved that it was just that.

My son and I are allergy sufferers which contribute to the excess phlegm build up and constant nasal congestion and the neti pot has provided such a tremendous relief.

Help Your Little Ones Blow Their Noses

If your little one has been sucking up mucus,

the icky stuff,

for a few days and he/she starts to complain about their stomach hurting.

What do you think is making his/her tummy hurt? 

The stomach flu, 

Well no at least not in this case,  it is the mucus draining down into his/her belly.

It has no where to go but down into their bellies.

The Scoop About Aspirators

An aspirator for little babies is crucial since they cannot blow their noses.

Sometimes moms may not know why their little ones are crying but it could be from the phelgm that has drained into their sensitive tummies.

Click here to to learn more about the importance of aspirators. 

You May Have An Allergy

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 Allergies ----> leads to excess icky stuff   ----> which leads to constant stomach pain, nasal congestion, cough,

ear infection ------> pink eye

Your little one could be allergic to:

mold, pollen, a certain food, etc.

Think about going to see an allergist or start noticing different triggers, ex. the weather, food, an animal, etc.

Are Your Medical Tests Clear But Still No Answers?

If you have been to several doctors countless times and all of your tests have come back clear, as mine did, mucus may be what's causing you to experience so much pain.

If you have gone to the bathroom and have had the urge to pass bowels or gas but couldn't, as I have experienced (absolutely horrible!!), the excess phlegm may be causing this to happen.

Sorry for the frankness but this may help you or someone else.  

This website is designed to help you because I looked and searched and could not find anything that really discussed the effects phlegm has once it drains into the stomach.

I thank GOD for the wonderful nurse that helped me when all others doubted me!

About Me

I am a mom of two and wife who looks for natural options and who knows a thing or two about the neti pot.  I love mine and can't imagine life without it.  Sounds funny, huh? But so true!! Read more about me..

Follow Me on You Tube for great videos and tips!  I hope this website helps and that you find relief too!  Please share if it has.

Note:  My allergies as well as my kiddos are not severe enough in which we need an epinephrine pen. This website is based on my experiences and what has helped my kiddos and I.  If you feel your allergies are severe, please contact your primary physician or allergist immediately. Always consult your physician. 

Update May 2015:  I've been on OPC for 2 years and I still love it.  I still continue to use antihistamines sparingly during the spring months since my allergies can be so bad.  I'll use them maybe twice a month during the spring months which is so much better than everyday.  My goal has been to use more natural and less medication which is always best for the body.

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