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Stomach Pain Due To
Oral Allergy Syndrome

Stomach pain due to oral allergy syndrome (OAS) occurs to many people and they do not even realize it.  

I suffer from this, which is not so fun!

What Is OAS?

Well, it is when someone has a reaction to a certain food(s) due to the protein found in it.

The individual may not necessarily be allergic towards say an apple but is allergic to the bi-product or pollen associated with the apple.  

Also, the reaction normally occurs when the apple is consumed raw versus cooked.

For example, my allergy test showed that I am not allergic towards bananas but I am highly allergic to trees.  

Since bananas grow on trees, I have a reaction after consuming them.

Reaction From OAS

Since I am allergic to tree pollen such as birch, I can have a reation towards any fruit that grows on a birch tree.  

My reaction can consist of:

  • tingling lips and tongue
  • itchy throat
  • slightly swollen throat
  • cramps
  • stomach pain

How Is Histamine Related?

When OAS takes place, histamine is released in the body from mast cells hence where the allergic reaction comes from.  

Additionally, when histamine is released inflammation takes place.  

According to Wikepidia (2013), histamine can be released in the oropharnyx, gut and skin, which explains why people are affected differently.

For me depending on what I eat, all three areas could be affected.

Stomach Pain and OAS

If and when I consume fruit that triggers OAS, abdominal pain can occur since histamine is released within the gut.  This causes inflammation.  

Since my mucus production is through the roof, often times it will also drain down from my throat causing more mucus to accumulate in my stomach.  

Ugh, not so fun!

Preventing OAS 

The best way I prevent OAS is by simply trying avoid foods that are related to certain pollens I am allergic to.  

If I find that I have a tingling sensation when I consume a certain fruit, I simply stop eating it.  

If you are not certain about the types of pollen you are allergic to, think about scheduling a appointment with an allergist or simply begin keeping a food diary.  Whatever fruit you seem to have a reaction from, find out which pollen is associated with that fruit.

How The Use Of A Digestive Enzyme May Help?

I find myself having allergic reactions, none severe--consisting mostly of stomach pain and nasal congestion due to increase mucus,  to many fruits and vegetables these days especially when they are in the raw form. During the cool fall and cold winter months, I don't have this issue but then again certain fruits and vegetables are not in season which is why.

The wise thing to do is to stay away from those fruits and vegetables but I do eat them raw occasionally.  So why do I continue to torture myself?  Because I know they are healthy and good for me especially in the raw form.  

When I notice a reaction such as tingling of my mouth and lips, I take a digestive enzyme, (click here to read more about them) which really helps me break down the foods.

If I wait too long to take the digestive enzyme, I experience the worse bloating, ugh! The digestive enzyme helps relieve my bloating.  

I am partial to my Isotonix digestive enzyme since I love it! Another reason is that it comes in a powder which can be easily mixed with water and absorbed into blood stream. Each individual has to decide which product works best for him or her.  

Oral Allergy Syndrome

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