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Neti Pot Tips

Neti pot use is imperative if you have excess mucus or phelgm which is causing your

Only use bottled water with your neti though---never use water from the faucet and always consult the directions that come with your neti pot.

I use mine everyday and is one of the best things invented.

I am off the charts when it comes to producing excess mucus so it is crucial that I clear my sinuses everyday up to 4 times a day with it (bottled water only).

It helps me rid my sinuses of the mucus which in turns keeps me from enduring lower left abdominal pain or if I'm experiencing pain I know then that I need to clear my sinuses

Easy Steps to Follow For Mucus RELIEF

1) First and foremost, consult the directions of your neti.

2) Have tissue handy to blow your nose.

3) Put the suggested amount of saline in your neti and the suggested amount of bottled water, put lid on pot.

4) Swish the water and the saline.

5) Tilt your head to the left (the side of your left face should be parallel to the ground) in order to clear your left sinus (or left nostril).

6) Put the spout in your right nostril and then gently pour the saline solution. Your positioning will be correct if the solution comes out of your left nostril. If the solution doesn’t come out, this means one of two things.

One-you must tilt your head more to the left, or Two-your sinuses are blocked. If your sinuses are blocked, you are probably experiencing lower left abdominal pain and blocked ears. Tilt to the right and try to clear the other side.

7) After solution comes out, blow the mucus out into sink and then blow your nose, more should then come out. Yay!

8) Repeat for the other side.

I really hope this helps.

Keep Your Neti Clean And Never Share

Remember to consult your neti package for directions especially for cleaning and care directions. If you use it on a regular basis, it is important to keep it clean. Rinse out with hot water thoroughly.

I sometimes swish white vinegar around and let it sit for awhile and then rinse out with hot water and then dry it out thoroughly.

I use mine in the morning when I wake up, as needed during the day (up to 4 times just depends) and before I go to bed.

The neti pot has truly helped me live a better life by allowing me to rid myself of all of the excess mucus.

I absolutely love it!

A Neti Can Help You With Your Blocked Ear, Nasal Congestion, Stuffy Nose 
And  Even Your Stomach Pain.  

Try One Today!

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