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Diarrhea Can Be Caused

By Mucus Drainage Into Your Stomach

Diarrhea and/or constipation can be the cause of stomach cramping and pain due to mucus drainage. I’ve experienced both first hand-not very pleasant.

When stomach pain and diarrhea rears their ugly heads, it is normally from the mucus that has drained into my stomach. The worse!

Stomach Pain and Diarrhea aka
Slimy Bowels

I don’t mean to be so graphic but the bowels will often look slimy, while also being accompanied by mucus since there is so much of it.

When this occurs the first time, I normally will go again at least twice more in the same day. It’s such a relief!

I would describe to doctors how it appeared and also told them about my belly pain to include stomach cramping and horrible stomach gas and they could not pinpoint the reasoning for it.

Tests Clear

My gastroenterologist didn’t think there was anything strange about my symptoms. He had tests ran and they all came back clear. I was surprised that my allergist did not realize it was the mucus that was causing my pain, which is one of many of my symptoms of food allergies or severe seasonal allergies.  It was actually one of the wonderful nurses that informed me that it was probably the mucus causing the stomach cramping and stomach gas.

Happy Sun

Click here to learn more about stomach pain and mucus.  Ugh!  Not a great feeling at all. 

Longtime Allergy Sufferer

I am a long time allergy sufferer who is allergic to just about everything such as trees, grass, mold, and some food.

I am inevitably going to have bouts with diarrhea, one of many symptoms I experience with having too much mucus, especially since my body produces so much of it.

To manage this and constipation, I always have to ensure I 

  • take my antihistamines such as Claritin, Benadryl,etc.
  • use my Nasonex (prescribed my doctor) and 
  • take a decongestant occasionally . 
  •  I also use my neti pot up to four times a day or when when needed to clear excess mucus from my sinuses. 

Sound crazy but when I blow my nose afterwards, I feel the mucus being expelled up from my stomach. I feel so relieved afterwards!

I deal with allergies year round since I have seasonal and food allergies..ugh!

Think about seeing an allergist to have food allergy tests completed, which will also include environmental factors.  You may have allergies too!

Follow Me on You Tube for great videos and tips!  I hope this website helps and that you find relief too!  Please share if it has.

Note:  My allergies as well as my kiddos are not severe enough in which we need an epinephrine pen. This website is based on my experiences and what has helped my kiddos and I.  If you feel your allergies are severe, please contact your primary physician or allergist immediately. 

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